27 August 2012

For Arthritis Sufferers

I have had bilateral hip pain for over three years. The last three years have been intense. Surgery is a risky option because I have another medical condition related to my lungs.

Taking two, 220 mg naphoxen a day helped decrease the pain by about 40-50%. However, long term use at even this dosage presents cardiovascular risks as well as potential gastrointestinal problems.

About two months ago, Markus told me that TART cherries, in the form of cherries or their juice, was recommended to him for knee pain after an injury, and it worked.

Long story short, it works for me too. Taking 6-8 ounces a day, diluted with water and sweetened with honey, and taking just one naphroxen a day has resulted in a 50-60% cut in pain and increasedendurance.

It takes about a week to begin to work. The strongest raw, organic cherry juice I have found is at Whole Foods with their own store brand. It costs $4.69 per quart. The competing brands are less tart, and therefore probably less concentrated.

You do need to dilute this drink, and you do need to cut the tartness any way you can. Try it!

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  1. Hi Ed .
    I'm not suffering some arthritis , but I'm touched by this little advice about our usual physical pain .
    It is so kind to take care of our entire human being condition , either deep soul and "trivial" body !
    Thank you very much for your infinite Love .