18 August 2012


Saturday, August 18, at 6 PM Pacific time, 9 PM Eastern Daylight Savings time.

Enter the password: edji

This will take you to a page with a lot of instructions and a large grey box with a rotating “eye.” It will again ask you for a password. Use the word “edji.”

It will then offer four ways to enter the chatroom, click on “guest.”

It will ask you for a user name. Use any name you want.

You will then come to the chat screen, and in the upper left corner, there is a blue button labeled: Start Broadcasting. Click it.

Then it will ask what camera and microphone you want to use, or it will start one for you automatically.


Ten people are allowed on screen at once, and another 90 are allowed to here Satsang but not have their videos us. You can choose not to have your video up if you want to sneak in as someone else and not be seen.

Please prepare to be open and share.


  1. impossible to see you !here it is 6 am but the screen stays empty
    i am too sad not reaching you from France !

    1. coquelicot - I feel your sadness,the way you express it- simply and from the heart is "tres'"endearing. if I may say you are a beautiful devotee of Edji.
      It seems it is a "glitch' that can be resolved. You sound so earnest, it does my heart good to read you comments.
      A wise old man told me once - "god is not a thief he will give to you that which you have lost in equal value or better"
      ( usually better!!) So hang in there and keep trying it will be so good to see/hear you at satsang...
      much love Maggie

  2. "Please prepare to be open and share".

    I wanted to hear satsang very much.
    It seems that earnestness is not all that is required - a modicum of technological savvy would be very beneficial - I apologize if my fumbling attempts disturbed anyone.

    I was fortunate to hear Ed ask -" why are you here, what is you want,what are you looking for?"

    ... sadly for me I didn't hear anything more. Yet I can't help thinking that was what I needed to hear and address in my own mind.
    I might have said -

    I am still trying to make sense of my internal world soft, gentle, inquisitive, caring and compassionate -comparing it with - in the first instance a world without books!!!!!a people so steeped in ignorance and superstition so utterly divided in religious nonsense as to resort to violence , maiming and denigrating their own people.
    Even the harshness of the language its sounds - no will ever convince me that the vernacular and vitriol conveyed by "my people" is not the worst in the world. These sounds almost crushed my soul.

    Cleveland may be 14thC medieval Europe - but Lanarkshire is a brutal Neanderthal reality where anything conceived of as weak or sensitive shall be persecuted,- my mother often told me 'they burnt the wrong thing when you were born"!! !!!
    (I can't laugh at Billy Connolly - it is all just too close to the bone and anyway he is not that funny!!)

    Living in a perpetual state of terror I am amazed at my courage even as a small child demonstrated by - breaking the biggest of all taboos that of entering the forbidden Catholic church the "Chapel" and why? - because it smelt good , there were candles and nooks and alcoves ,statues of pretty ladies with little babes in their arms,rituals, making the sign of the cross , kneeling, responses, women with mantillas men in finery speaking a language not known to me yet somehow familiar. I needed this whatever it was so much that I defied my own goddess who was by no means beyond dishing out great punishment.
    I know this all may sound like a childish imaginative rant and to write it publicly fills me with fear and shame, embarrassment and dread.

    And yet the same "loving power" that guided me then is now showing me what i want - which is to follow "the way of wisdom" and to be in the proximity of the "guru" - even if that means (wrestling with the internet!!)and thousand of miles of wires!!!

    I have no real idea of what all of this will entail but my favourite lines from"I Am That "
    kind of help me...

    Q. 'Do you want me to struggle all alone?"

    M. " You are never alone. There are powers and presences who serve you all the time most faithfully. You may or may not perceive them, nevertheless they are real and active... (p.263)

    p.s Today I have a most wonderful relationship with my very brave and courageous mother whom I love deeply!!

    much love to you all my mysterious and beautiful

  3. Satsang started at 3 AM :-(

  4. If I'm not mistaken, in France you have Central European Summer Time at the moment and Satsang starts 3am your time (same as for me in Austria).

  5. fascinating this 'burning' that warms others. 'come saturday, you will be warmed and fed by my very being being comsumed into the eternal fire, enjoy!'. how truly odd. it reminds me of jesus telling his clan, 'ok guys, i hope u know in a few days i'm gonna be crucifed... when i am raised up, i will draw all men unto myself...'

    so odd, so beautiful, so selfless. dying for the sustenance of others.

  6. Hello Maggie ,
    i love you too ! It is very beautiful what you have written about your childood and how you are in your heart .
    Like you i was captured by edj's love like it sounds what i was waiting to bloom the i am !
    After many experiences near different gourous , some good and other very bad , like losting all my money with a corrupted and clever gourou who said me : if you don't give me all you own you have given nothing ; so i gave him all and after when he went away i saw he was a crook !
    but now it doesn't matter because it taught me to be untied and to be more free about fear which was terrible during many time ! it made me in an other state mind but whithout love , empty and lonely .
    But i was continuing to meditate and to read about spiritual things . others meetings with boudhism and advaita and recently Amma . But the last time i was very desappointed by her, i feel her like a tired wife , empty , with no love and no light and her hugs looked like mechanical things and her smiles too !
    i didnt find her like a saint !
    And suddenly i was reading about Edji talks in a blog and it appeared me so direct and so simple and so no conformist not like the others i knew!!!
    When i was discovering his blog He lighted a little candle in my heart and it was so good that i don't want never blowing out this love in my heart ! it is so smooth and so fresh in my body that he makes me reconcilied with spiritual teacher !
    i want just listen to him and be in his love and let his energy acting in my body , nothing else like speaking because i am tired with words and as i dont speak english ,i am fine to understand only snatches !
    happy to speak with you again here like we are doing !
    much love for you maggie and write soon !
    thanks for others about the true hour for satsangs !
    and john, i like very much your comments about jesus who is giving love , burning away for the sustenance of others ! Edji seems in the same seam , he looks like a love channel for curing living beeings . i should like so much become like him !

    1. Thank you for sharing so honestly Coquelicot it seems you have had some quite horrible and expensive lessons with "gurus". Those who pray on the meek and vulnerable are cruel. For you it seems it has been a painful yet useful lesson. I am so glad that you have found Edji - see what I mean about God returning to you of better value!!

      I have not been burnt by gurus because in a strange way what seemed a "bad thing " from my childhood has paradoxically saved me from such people. If I may explain...
      In my world it seemed impossible to Trust - anyone!! Things changed on a minute to minute basis nothing was ever predictable or consistent, the adults in my life said one thing but always did the opposite - it was like a war zone never knowing what was going to happen next!!! So I never learnt to trust not others and of course not myself. I could go on but it is probably not relevant or helpful... enough to say it was the perfect conditions for making a very neurotic adult!!
      I do believe that the innate sense of Trust was always in me latent and waiting I had no conception of how it would manifest.
      The first teacher I met called sailor Bob talked about non- duality I had not heard of this and even though I do speak English I did not understand one word of what this man was saying!!! embarrassing very!!... At one point though i looked in his eyes and blurted out "oh my god your eyes they are amazing twinkling, laughing, " we both laughed so heartily it was bliss and I felt Love real Love.
      It was just a knowingness, that really, writing about can't describe, but I try because I sense in you that delightful childlike innocence that is a precious and beautiful thing.
      And it so does my heart good to read your words I recognise in your beautiful words that nascent sense of Self we are all here trying to find!!!

      I went on to read Nisargaddatta same thing at first I really didn't get what he was saying - Yet again something about those fierce piercing eyes told me this man will not lie to you and I trusted that and kept with him...

      So now we both have found Edji - his love for us is expressed in so many ways - this blog, the satsang, the wonderful resources, he offers us so much - from the Nisargaddatta texts, the link to Arunanchala, the poetry, his archives with from what i have read are as you say "simple direct and non- conformist" All of this and his time he gives freely I am so humbled and ashamed that I cannot do more at the moment...

      What I am most grateful for is his honesty he says that despite being an ardent student of so many teachers and practices over many years he admits that many times 'I didn't understand" - this - this gives me hope. and I too " am fine to understand only in snatches"!!!!

      Thank you Edji thank you Coquelicot thank you so very much for allowing me to gain confidence to continue seeking from a growing sense of trust that is burning in my heart like a very "little candle"
      love maggie

  7. Twas a beautiful satsang which had the overall feeling of a warm embrace.

    Thanks Ed

  8. Hello Max !
    I write in English for public to understand, but as you I'm Austrian !
    I'm very interested in this excellent site for seekers.
    Where are you from ? I'm from Linz. Maybe we can stay in contact.

    See you Charly

  9. Hello Charly!

    I live in Vienna.
    I'd be glad to keep in contact/share, just send me a message:
    max145 (at) gmx (dot) at
    Talk soon :)


  10. Namaste y'all! Sorry I missed the satsang, sounds like a fine time was had by all. I don't have the bandwidth, but I'll try again next time on a friend's computer. Til then :)

  11. hello Maggie !
    thank you for all these confidences , i find very interesting to discover how every one try to go" home" !
    there are so many different return paths going us throw happiness and suffering until we are so tired to live like that still and still and we are meeting spiritual teachings and spiritual teachers whose eyes and love makes like a revolution in us !!!
    When i am reading you i am thinking about that teaching which says :all the life is gourou ! what we have acrossed is the same as if we were meeting an only gourou who have "toasted" us , as Edj says when he speaks about Robert !
    but i don't think we were agreeing all that difficult things from only one person and by so intensivly manner like Edj was bearing with Robert . It is very difficult to see the enormous shades which appears near gourous ! You talk about my innocence but to recover it i had to evacuate many bad things from me and it is not finished !
    i understand what you are telling about your meeting with Bob sailor . it belongs to marvellous things we know sometimes near spiritual teachers . It is strange also that every one is not connecting in the same manner with a guru , it seems like a curious alchemy , magical things !
    with Edj's teachings it seems to me very easy to go down from head to the heart and stay here in the I am , mainly keeping listening bajhans ! it looks like i had never hear about that way before !
    i wish you all the best !
    much love