23 August 2010

Re: Establishing an on-line, International Satsang:> 
> Edji, his website on Robert Adams' teachings, and his blog have been a 
> blessing  to all of us.  It would be great if we can set up a web / 
> online Satsang with  Edji as well.  We've done some research and found 
> out a potential video  web-conferencing tool which could allow 
> participants from all over the world to  join in and view, listen and 
> interact with Edji.  
> We are trying to determine if that is possible with the technology and 
> resources  we have at hand.  We are currently performing some 
> preliminary tests and would  need some volunteers to do a couple of 
> stress tests with at least 5 -10 people  (the first one) and 15-20 
> people (the second one) hooked up to our conference  website.  For the 
> test to be thorough and complete we need testers from  different 
> locations like Europe, USA, Asia, etc.  Every user needs to have  access 
> to the internet, a camera and a microphone and preferably headphones 
> (but  not mandatory).  The initial test should not take longer than 
> 30min if started  promptly.  The approximate time of test would be: 
> 11:00 PM    India (GMT +5:30 hours) 
> 11:00 AM  California (GMT-08:00 hours) Pacific  Time (US & Canada) 
>  2:00 PM    NYC        (GMT-05:00 hours) Eastern Time (US & Canada) 
>  7:00 PM    Europe (GMT) London Time 
> If interested please email your email address and preferable time within 
> the  time frame mentioned above to: mtflis@gmail.com  
> Once we reach the desired number of participants we will email you 
> further  instructions and will let you know of the agreed upon time for 
> the test.  
> Thank you all for your interest, 
> Janet and Chris 


  1. fantastic news! kudos to those people who are organizing this magnificent effort

  2. Sorry I can't make the test, will be there for the next one come hell or high water.

  3. Thank Chris and Janet and especially Ed look forward to seeing you all.

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