14 August 2010


Jimmy Nasralla, the homeless cat caretaker, living in Northridge, moved to Sacramento last Saturday to take a job at an Indian/Pakistani restaurant run by a family of Pakistani Muslims. They accepted him as family and even took him to their mosque the second day he was in town. The owner had told Jimmy he could bring 3 cats. Jimmy brought one cat, Meena, a female, who had lived with Jimmy in his tent for two years in Northridge.

This is the man who I had been helping feed 40-50 homeless cats throughout Northridge for a year and a half. His story is told in LA Weekly at:


Apparently either the owner, Mohammed changed his mind or had a different idea about the cats' living status. Jason, one of Jimmy's friends, talked to Mohammed on Thursday. Apparently Mohammed was fed up with Meena living in the same room as Jimmy, complaining the cat was incompatible with the restaurant, even though Jimmy's room is quite far from the restaurant. When Jimmy was away on an errand, the owner let Meena out of Jimmy's room where she had lived with Jimmy for only five days, and Meena immediately ran away.

Sign Jimmy made so the police would not disturb his cats at his tent
Jimmy, furious when he retrurned, told the owner he was moving back to LA. Jimmy spent the entire night looking for Meena with no success, but did find her the next evening after searching again for the entire day.

The owner refused to let Jimmy keep Meena in the room with him, and said she could stay as long as she was kept in a carrier outside Jimmy's door. Jimmy said it got freakishly cold at night and he brought her in anyway. Jimmy is trying to negotiate with the owner to let Meena stay in the room with him.

I just heard an hour ago that the owner said, "Just throw the cat away!"

This is intolerable. Jimmy was lied to and the cat is considered garbage by this Muslim restaurant owner. Apparently he does not know that in America we keep our cats indoors--or should. Hopefully Jimmy will come back and we can make other living arrangements when he returns.



4333 Airport Drive

Sacramento, CA 95821

PH: (916) 488-8840

email: info@shazrestaurant.com

Call Mohammed. Say this isn't right.


  1. Hi Ed

    An unfortunate turn of events. I just emailed Mohammed and appealed to his sense of fair play. Perhaps he will come to his senses or at least cave in if enough of us bring pressure to bear.

  2. I think that putting pressure on Mohammed can make things worse for Jimmy in the long run.

    If he starts to think that Jimmy is a source of trouble, he'll just fake a smile, lay low and wait some time and then send Jimmy away with some stupid excuse.

    We have to think of something a manager would appreciate.

    What about a phone call like this: "Hello, are you Mohammed, the generous, righteous man that helps Jimmy and his cats? I'm impressed. I'd like to come to your restaurant, please make a reservation for..."


  3. Not a bad idea. You should be a Congressman.

    Maybe he needs both.

    We hope to get jimmy back about Saturday.

    In the meantime....

  4. Edji, I also have mailed conveying my protest and requesting Mohammed to be broad-minded enough to understand the love and care that a unselfish homeless person shows towards cats.

  5. And in my email I stressed that because of the bond between Jimmy and the cat they have a mutual need for one another, that in effect their welfare depends on their being together(and gave an analogy of Mohammed's own family).