31 December 2009

I Have seen it all now! The below ad is for a 12-day training to make you a non-dual guru--the next step in your evolution--for only $3,200! Please rush your application. 

Nondual Teacher and Therapist Trainings

North American Training - San Francisco, CA - March 2010 - Feb 2011 European Training - Paris, France - July 2010 - March 2011

Led by Peter Fenner, Ph.D.
Founder of Timeless Wisdom and Creator of Radiant Mind®

This Nondual Teacher and Therapist Training is designed for people who wish to expand and refine their capacity to offer nondual awareness as a component of their teaching, coaching or psychotherapy with individuals or groups.
The Nondual Teacher and Therapist Training is based on the synthesis of Asian nondual approaches that has been developed by Peter Fenner.  Peter’s approach has been refined and tested over 35 years by thousands of people in workshops, courses and retreats. His synthesis draws on the most powerful aspects of traditions such Madhyamika, Dzogchen, Mahamudra, Zen and Advaita.  These are woven into a form of space creation and facilitation that is refined, minimalist, smooth, and very efficient in the delivery of the pure nondual contentless transmission in an interactive group setting.

A dynamic learning environment

The Training is unique in bringing together people from diverse nondual traditions and lineages. Together we create a synergistic dynamic that radically enhances everyone’s capacity to embody and share nondual awareness within their clients, communities and beyond. The framework for the Training is based on the form of nondual transmission that has been developed by Peter.  This framework provides a model and set of distinctions for discerning the subtleties of nondual transmission.  The framework is elaborated in a 320 page book prepared for the Training.
The Training is not limited to this framework.  You will share and demonstrate your own experiments and learning with others in the Training.  You will refine your capacity for nondual transmission through fieldwork in which you share nondual awareness through dialogs and contemplation with people outside of the Training.  You will learn through your own active engagement and focused feedback from Peter and other participants. The Training is thoroughly experiential.  Together we create a depth of immersion in nondual transmission that is unparalleled.

This training is for

  * Therapists and mental health professionals who want to explore the contribution of nonduality in individual therapy and group work.
  * People who have a solid grounding in a nondual spiritual approach such as Dzogchen, Zen or Advaita and are ready to share their wisdom with others.
  * Meditation teachers who wish to introduce a nondual dimension into their practical guidance and dharma discussions.
  * People who give satsang who wish to enhance their capacity to share nondual awareness and expand the reach of their transmission.
  * Graduates of the 9 month Radiant Mind course who wish to facilitate practice groups based on Radiant Mind resources.
Structure of the training
The training is built on:
  • Three four day retreats, one at the beginning, one in the middle, and another at the completion of the course.
  • A comprehensive 320 page Workshop Manual.
  • Eight teleconferences with Peter and other participants.
  • Four individual coaching sessions with Peter.
  • A vital and supportive training community.
  • Working with the training materials in your own practice or community.
  • Requirements
Acceptance into the course is through an online application form.  If we have any questions about an application, we will arrange a telephone interview.  In the Training you are required to work with a group of your own.  This can be an informal group of friends you bring together on a regular basis to engage in nondual work. It could be a select group of clients who are ready for nondual transmission.  It could be a group of professional colleagues who work together to explore the parameters of nonduality in therapy. It may be a sangha or community you are already guiding in meditation, dharma or satsang.  If you don’t already have an existing group we will help you establish this.

Our invitation

imageIf many of the themes outline above make sense to you, you may be well prepared for this Training. If you feel that this Training is the next step in your own evolution, please complete the online Application Form. You are also welcome to contact us to answer any questions and give you more precise details.  Places in the Training are limited to 25 so we recommend that you apply without delay.


Upon acceptance into the Training you will be sent a Registration Form by email.  Your place in the Training will be secured upon receipt of the Registration Form and a deposit of $750 (USA Training) or 500 euro (European Training).  If you cancel your registration one month prior to participation in the Training your deposit will be refunded less a $100 or 75 euro processing fee.  Deposits are nonrefundable for registrations canceled less than one month prior to the commencement of the Training.  Payment details will be included with on the Registration Form.

NORTH AMERICAN TRAINING - Near San Francisco, California - Mercy Center Burlingame (Click here for more information).

USA Training
$3,200 (if payment is received in full on or before January 18, 2010)
$3,400 (if payment is received in full after January 18, 2010)


  1. I actually attended Peter Fenner's "Radiant Mind" workshop nearly three years ago, then followed by these teleconferences with other participants as well as one on one telephone talks with those whom he designated for it(the second was in fact his rather recently married second wife, a French woman, rather engaging but whose English pronunciation made understanding as often as not impossible to comprehend; clear communication was all the more difficult, so we wound up talking about the "mundane" world to get around this).

    I can only say that the money invested(at the time about $2,200 NOT including any room or board either)only resulted in a one to two day experience of consciousness which I experienced ONLY in the first session there, which is understandable in a group setting where "nothing" happens.

    But there was only disappointment the second time quite likely from my hope or expectation that I could re-experience the same phenomenon again. Sound all too familiar???

    Hope the above may be of value to ambitious, aspiring "non dual gurus" out there :-)

  2. Thanks for informing your readership about the new enlightenment seminars. Please let everyone know that I will teach them how to be non-dual for half the $3,200 price offered by the source you listed, and they won't even have to leave their homes. All enrollees will receive a special non-dual patch (see attached file) to sew on their shirts, certifying that they are in fact not two. Graduates will also be also eligible to attend my advanced "30 year student" symposium for only $2,000 -- a 30% discount off the normal price.

    Happy New Year, Ed. Be well.

    David H.

  3. Non-Dual Patch:


  4. I hope this post was just a joke from your side Ed ... if not, what can i say? PAY AND GET ENLIGHTENED......
    are we humans truly falling down so much?

  5. No joke. We are seeing the triumph of capitalism. As you can see other teachers are rushing in to offer enlightenment at discount prices. Soon it will be down to $800 and enlightenment and authentication patches will be available to all!

  6. Yep, and sooner than we can imagine, we'll be witness to the sales pitch that the purest, most unconditioned form of "The Advaita Advantage" is available without even a down payment. Who could refuse such an offer!