28 December 2009

The results of single minded practice:

Hi Ed hope things are good with as I know they are they way there suppose to be.
All is well here. I have told you of my three times of spontaneous sensations of bliss, peace and unbearable happiness. Once with Lester Levenson's recordings and two times reading Roberts Collected works. These sensations occurred when not in actual meditation. They lasted about an hour and a half each time.
Thats when I wrote you and stayed with you and only you and your suggestions. You suggested Nisargadatta Gita which I have been doing almost regularly as well as reading Chapter 8 The path of Sri Ramana which has been on again off again.
About two months ago I felt I reached consciousness for about twenty min and felt No I, No me, No body, Nothing. with extreme happiness and bliss. This has deepened my sittings tremendously. Again same sensation last week for an hour. Throughout the day I am working to stablize here. Interesting enough almost anytime I stop doing anything I automatially fall into silence.
Since the last two months my sittings which I start with listening to the silence then bring in the I am sensation are exactly what you describe in your practice page and what Bernadette calls the unitive mind. This happens almost daily in my sittings as is usually easily found.
I do just stay on your website Nothing else.as well as your direction only.I read Collected Works almost daily, the Gita. No tv very little radio and also some Indian chanting at least I think its chanting. I do want to deepen with this and would like to read some more of the powerful books you have suggested, yet I feel being new it may be best I stay here a while for a good foundation. Meditation and homework. I do need to work on homework what are suggestions. I value your suggestions please feel free. Thanks Ed, myself and others here appreciate what you have done for us. Yea I know it is not real! Hopefully I will realize that.


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