08 December 2009


Last night a dream shook me.

I was visiting a very dark and crowded place in my dream this time. It smelled and had  very disturbing scenes.

I saw animals of all kinds ,dogs,parrots,donkeys,elephants,cats,cows,birds all tied together to be butchered Sir. Also there were men too who were tied for the same. They were to be used for food. All of them were crying and yelling and shouting. They were telling us how can you use me for food?

I was devastated.Totally moved. Even as I am writing to you I feel the pain of the animals and the men to be butchered. Many amongst us were buying and I could do nothing to stop them except be in deep pain and cry. I felt no difference between them and me even when I know it was all a dream. Consciousness took me there for a reason perhaps.

You see Edji previous to my samadhis  and oneness (since the two months ) which are now flowing continously  due to Your Grace, I was a Non-vegetarian. After the continuity of these samadhis I automatically reject non-veg food of any kind. I have lost total taste of them and felt vomiting once when I had chicken in between my samadhis.

I never believed in the past that consciousness had anything to do with food but now the rejection of non -veg and this dream makes me feel disgust of my past consumption.

I have no idea of the authenticity of hell or hades but I nearly felt I was visiting a really bad place. For me the purpose of this dream was to emphasize treating men and helpless animals alike. I do not know but it has rattled me to pieces and I am in pain even now.

Do you think Non-veg food should therefore be avoided at any cost in the early stages itself by a Sadhaka and not wait for the rude awakenings later in advanced stages of consciousness like in my case?


You understand now why I am so protective of animals? There is an extraordinary amount of pain and guilt in anyone who kills and eats animals. When you stop, good things happen almost immediately, and it feels like a weight is lifted from your conscience. Yes, being a vegetarian is important. Robert stressed it. He said sex was alright, but eating meat not only held you back, but created pain inside the person who ate meat. Yes, being a vegetarian is of immense importance, not least so to the animals.   


This is such an important lesson in my life you gave me Edji. You have saved me from hell. I realized later what good is all this consciousness if I can not feel the pain of animals. I never felt so low in my entire life. It was terrible, all that yelling and shouting. All animals were talking in language I could understand very well but I was so helpless. It has shook me completely. Perhaps it was needed but I pray no one goes through what I went.

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