26 January 2019


We are not our bodies; we are the life that powers them, feels them, sees them. As such we are No Thing at all. We are not objects. We have no qualities, no width, breadth, or depth. We have no color or mass, no birth nor death. We are entirely without materiality. We are like ghosts in a machine.

But God, what we discover about ourselves when we feel deeply into our depths of emptiness: whole worlds within worlds of energies, bliss, and enlightenment.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but through our mutual presence. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

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