06 January 2019


Buddhism and Advaita are not relational. You meditate, self-inquire, read books. Then you find the absolute, the Self, Nothingness.

I am saying eventually you want to find God also, both within you and without. For this you need relationship, with God or with your Beloved, or a Guru who knows the way. This is the way of bliss, energies, devoted love and surrender, and finding the divine within.

To best take advantage of Satsang, listen to chanting for an hour before and an hour after. My teachings are not in the formal teachings, but in my presence, just as Robert Adams and many others, teach this way. This is a direct transmission between the life force in me and the life force in you. Chanting aligns you better to receive this teaching. Robert’s words were just stories he told with no essential value. His teachings about emptiness, nothingness, and the Void were felt in his presence.

Go to satsangwithedji.weebly.com and listen to the chanting there.

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