02 January 2019

Email to me this morning from a member of our Satsang about ecstatic love:

Hi Ed,
Thank you for guiding me. Thank you for your extraordinary clarity and insight. Thank you for encouraging me to love my Beloved with nothing but devotion. It has brought up many fears, uncertainties and pain but they all burn up, burn away in the heart of love.
I never knew life, living, being could, is so ecstatic. I am no longer burdened by thought and thinking and reflecting upon existential questions, gone is the burden, the psychological pain of searching, practicing, seeking. My whole life now is one long enduring moment of ecstatic bliss and peace. I am not in love...Love and loving is all I am...and the beauty of this state that as I pour it into my beloved, she opens more and more...and it returns with extraordinary abundance, intimacy and trust.
I was once taught I am a sinner, I once believed all life was suffering which could only be overcome by equanimous observation of phenomena...I never, ever knew I am love...it is the heart and soul of existence. I want for nothing more...I never knew life and living had at its heart, such wondrous awe and beauty. Thank you Ed. I remain eternally grateful to the mystery of ecstatic love you have seeded in my life and the life of my Beloved.
Much love and gratitude
My Response:
It is a path that never stops giving. It just keeps getting richer in content and depth until you become the divine yourself. So glad you feel this now.

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