12 December 2018


The world that each of us lives in is not real.  It is but a construct of our minds.  How can we know this?  We know this by having our awareness sink into our beingness to deeper levels than the mind.

When we close our eyes and go within, if we could drop the center of our consciousness, the focus of our awareness, into our heart area or into our gotten, we will at first only find a dark emptiness.  That emptiness is cool, relaxing, and full of acceptance, of a quiet greeting of all that is felt there, including emotions.  The heart area is the container for all emotional experience.  If we drop lower than the heart area into the gut or lower, emotions disappear.

By dwelling on the movement of our diaphragm and breathing in and out, the movements of our ribs as our lungs expand and contract, the stretching of the muscles between the ribs, as well as the expansion and contraction of our abdomens with our breath, we begin to regain a total awareness of our bodies.

By keeping the focus of our attention embedded in the body by continuous scanning of every portion of our body, the bottoms of our feet to the top of our head, we gain an ability to feel our body as a whole, sensations, its movements, extensions, its rigidity, i him him ts joy, and its suffering.

Interfering with this exploration will be the mind that tries to make connections out of our experiences, the kinesthetic with the tactile, memories will arise, returning us to times of sorrow, grief, of great love, loss, joy and even peace. Emotions will return strongly.  Sometimes frightening emotions, sometimes depression, sometimes sadness, sometimes moments of great happiness.  Everything will be changing, flowing, moment by moment changing our emotional experiences until we feel lost in the stream carried along by a flow of emotional feeling, which gradually shades into the feelings of our bodies.

When we have been in this place long, you begin to notice something else entirely: a tingling, a quivering of small energies within, starting in the heart area, or sometimes in our forehead, sometimes felt in the belly for in the feet.  Repeated focusing on these energies makes them increasingly intense and seemingly real.

These energies can begin to flow in patterns or streams within the body, rotating around the heart clockwise or counterclockwise, or vertically between our in the pubis area.  The energies can flow from our heart area outwards through the arms and exit into the space around us as expelled energies.  Long focusing on these energies will allow them to change their pitch, their harmonies, their characters, so they become transformed into bliss and later into ecstasies of such under thrill, such tender love, such inner bliss that we dare not move to disturb this blissful perfection.

After a long time of experiencing these energies, it will seem like we perceive a new greater depth within, the principal characteristic of that depth is the perception of an inner light that is all pervading and provides the container for those inner energies which I call Shakti.  Once Shakti shows up in our life, our spiritual progress is automatic and are only effort will be to continuously perceive the energies as often as possible, in meditation, and while walking around in everyday life.  Soon the energies become more real even than our bodies, because these energies have been transformed into a sense of presence, an electromagnetic being that pervades our body and extends beyond your body a bit into the world.  I call this energy body, my sense of presence, and it feels far more real than my physical body.

Sinking downwards into the light.  I make a new discovery, that I am not the body at all, but I am that which is the energies solidifying, becoming solid yet translucent and transparent into one continuous flowing of light, which more deeply becomes blue.  It this blue white light is our innermost being, far under our everyday perceptual level, and it is the energies, Shakti, and focus on her, that leads us to this light.  With this discovery of light, automatically comes the discovery that we are spirit, not body, not materiality, but spirit, life, and the force of life, the blue light, energy, which is universally the same in all sentient beings.

Dwelling in this light is ecstatic.  So wondrous to behold that I am this light, and I share this with all other sentient beings.  We find infinite space, total relaxation into the infinite mystery of Self.  There is no more to do after dwelling in the self.  It is perfect rest, and escape from the dream world of thoughts, objects, ideologies, drama.

With this discovery that we are spirit, awareness, consciousness, we understand that Shakti, the energies, are a deeper way of relating to God and others than through concepts and the mind, or even emotions, dance, music, all of which can have a profound effect on others.  The performance arts go deeper than mere concepts and stories even when most expertly composed.

So the way to communicate in the world is most often through concepts and stories, but a deeper way, is directly through the energies by feeling Shakti and shaping her in a way that directly transforms others by creating similar energy states in them, similar types of lists or beckoning energies that act on a mostly unconscious level, with most people.  In other words, we play with our own energies within an about us in a way that in trains, the energy states in other people, which are mostly out of their areas of awareness, and try to bring into them, or resonation with our place of energy.

There is a different way of changing the world than by changing the story.  The usual way of changing the world for the radical thinker is the state a new kind of story like socialism,, or social democracy, or some other is a, and point out all the places in society where there is harm or suffering, and try to create an empathy for the suffering that will bring us into the movement to change things.

As it is, every day we hear all kinds of stories.  There is a story promulgated by Fox news of an aberrant, conservative, callousness.  There is the neoliberal point of view expressed by MSNBC and CNN.  Each of these creates in their listening audiences a container world within which they live, and creates an opposition with the world view expressed by the others.  All of this takes place within a Twentyfirst Century version of a democracy that really does not do well by people.  The usual way of changing would be to point out defects in the society, how they cause harm, to whom they cause harm, and to get people to combine in a movement to change those specific things for more people, not just for those who are in charge.

But there is a different way, a way of working directly with Shakti through our own silent, and feeling way that we interact with her, communicate with her, feel her love and express her will.  I cannot actually tell you how, for I cannot explain even how I do it myself.  There are no words for how to operate on the Shakti level.  You are not using emotions, you are not using concepts, you are not using ideas.  It is more like a performance art, but an art form that is totally beyond the senses, therefore you cannot describe what you are doing as a painter describes how she paints a landscape, or composer creates a sonata, or a violinist teaches a student how to bow.  These are all sensual experiences, and one can use words and show by example how to do these things.  But working with Shakti is totally beyond the senses, and operates at the deepest and most subtle of feeling and there are no words here.  You just have to learn it by yourself, or be with somebody who is doing it in real-time with you.

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