18 December 2018

I am continually amazed by the rapidity and depth of positive change in people who follow a path of Shakti—working with inner and outer energies—as opposed to those who work with meditation, self-inquiry, emptiness, or insight methods.
Self-inquiry methods—and they are legion—are effortful and slow to produce results. Insight methods similarly, are slow, thinking based, and tend to turn into an endless train of progressively sophisticated insights, but usually without much psychological or spiritual progress.
However, once you have a taste of Shaktipat, when energies enter your life as a constant felt sense, everything changes. “You” no longer have to make any effort except to continually relax into the sensations and changes Shakti brings. You surrender to the sensations and changes she brings.
Shakti can come into your life spontaneously, as it did with me, or as the result of effortful practices such as deliberately raising the Kundalini energy, or by having access to an energy teacher and being initiated into an awakening of the energies through the presence of the teacher.
Those who have followed Advaita or Buddhisms many different paths are astounded by the rapidity of their spiritual unfolding once they are embraced by Shakti. The secret then is just to remain as devotional as possible, and surrender each moment to whatever experiences, changes, or persons she brings to you.
Shakti is so beguiling, so tantalizing, and is the bringer of endless ecstasies, insights, pleasures, and understandings, along with a sense of belonging, rest, and confidence.

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