08 December 2018

I sit still now in ecstatic peace.

Blue white light am I flowing from my inner Void.  The Void is dark but from its roots flows this light everywhere and ecstatic. 

I cannot look away from this bliss of light. I am captured by it. 

My body from toes to scalp tingles with what feels like an erotic bliss exploding outwards, within this vast light, which ebbs and flows in brightness and intensity, then sometimes flickers like a candle’s light licked by a silent draft.

I watch all this as two: one who is the witness of all, and one who is Ed the human.

How can I show others that they are this same light too? How can I show them the endless power that flows from their inner emptiness?  This energy within is endless, flowing, incandescent, bliss.

Others in another room watch movies, but I am the movie of an infinite life.  There is no death for me for I am everywhere.  I am life incandescent, burning, flowing light, filling the endless Void with the love and power of life.

How did I get to this place?  It is by doing what I tell others: the supreme understanding and goal of life is to feel within, re-own your body’s sensations, your sexuality, your emotions, descending ever deeper into your human condition, then much, much deeper until you explode with love of your yourself and all of creation.

With bliss like this, I can understand how Christ could tolerate crucifixion and return as life with love, because the life in you and in me are the same: both are little flames arising out of the universal life fire.  Please, let me kindle your heart’s flame with mine.

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