17 December 2018


Today you flowed with a blazing energy, and you caught fire to those who attended as if we were dry pine trees. 

Indeed, Satsang had the beauty of an ancient forest fire.
I don't know if it is just me, but these gatherings seem to be getting more and more profound. The energies more and more powerful. It feels like we are all one ball of energy gaining momentum each and every week. It is absolutely delightful to be a part of.

I am happier than I may have imagined to be getting in touch with a few members of the Sangha personally. More evidence that even the greatest imaginations of mind are but a shadow of what can be directly felt.

Genuine Human Connection seems to bring my Heart evermore to life with Love.

I don't believe there will be a day when I will be tired of Thanking you.

I don't believe there will be a day when I will be tired of Loving you.

My gratitude again to you Ed,

and my Love.
Eddie how’s your health doing? Yesterday’s satsang was magic. Felt really relaxed and joyful after it
You are really helping me, really grateful for that!
Dear Ed,

Thank you so much for your guidance.

Now in the End I understood: one guru, one teaching.

The weeks ago I was still engaged in Advaita, trying to understand,
which puts me into the head.

so while meditating, i was looking for the "I Am", which I could

feel faintly in the lower part of my body at the same time I opend to
your teaching and the energy expands in my whole body,

I was irritated, which way to go and suddenly this two part moved
together and the energy moved upwards to my heart, so shakti gave

me the answer. Since then I totally surrender to you and shakti, not
with my mind, but with my heart. My whole live I followed the path where
I could feel the truth

or the energy. All these teachings of the last decades I could not feel
them with my heart, but tried to understand them with my mind, which led
me nowhere.

My former spiritual teachers have added one concept after another, even
without that I noticed that.

Now they all become meaningless, all this little should´s and dont´s,
all these trying to unterstand, all these questions.

I can fully embrace the live, I can love my wife and my children, there
are no more holdbacks.

There is nothing for me to do, only surrender, Shakti willl do her work,
I and my mind are no longer in the way.

So even my mind and the thoughts I can embrace, if they arise they are
only another kind of energy.

So the last decades my mind was rumbling like a monkey in my head, I
tried to control him, to calm him, with not much succes.

Now I just open and let him do, what he does and shakti takes him and
transformed him.

So finally I am coming home . Since yesterday I can feel shakti even in
my daily live.

You light the fire in my heart and my only task is it, to offer it or me
to shakti.

With deep love and devotion…
Yesterday my wife and I both attended your satsang
and both she and I were impregnated with what came through
you and came to us. We do not understand English as well as
we would like but it did not matter because the energy that
came was more important than understanding or not understanding
the words, although we did understand it much better than
we expected: Shaktipak, Shakti passing through you, etc.,
and the devotional song during which you went looking at all
those present there. We can only be infinitely grateful.
We were a year ago with Mooji in a face-to-face satsang
in Portugal, where he resides, which was beautiful and
impressive, but yesterday it was completely different:
in much less space of time the feeling was different,
profound and very special.

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