10 December 2018

SEVERAL EMAILS RECEIVED LAST THREE DAYS RE THE POWER OF THE FEELING WAY: All of my previous letters to you have been for me. Begging for your guidance or excitedly telling you that I am swimming in ecstasies. I write This letter for You. So I will keep the bullshit to a bare minimum! You said you felt sickly, but I thank you for being at Satsang (even with your sickly laptop!), for even a drop of that presence is enough to quench all thirsts of spirit. At one time I prayed to have the power to take pain away from others, to heal them. I need no power anymore, I am a servant to this Love that flows in and between us both and us all. And I only need to pray to IT, to ask it to be with you, to do its perfect thing in its perfect way, to do its smooth dirty work, to work its strange magic.
Eddie how’s your health doing? Yesterday’s satsang was magic. Felt really relaxed and joyful after it. You are really helping me, really grateful for that!
I am blessed for knowing you. I am grateful to you for not giving up on me. Thank you for this information that I resonate so much with me. Precious Ed receive my LOVE. ---------------------------
I feel my Self as a falling into a gentle place, as abiding in peace, mild and welcome euphoria
and well-being.....not taking a position but resting in what I already am when all of the filters and conditioning
are relaxed and healed/transcended. An abiding in a very spacious, welcoming, blissful Peace/Calm,
which is identifiably me!

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