04 December 2018


In spirituality the way I understand it, there is nothing to figure out. It is not a matter of understanding what it real, or what God and Self are, or whether Self consists of a physical body and three spiritual bodies, or whether emptiness permeates everything.

For me, spirituality is all about getting away from knowing and understanding, and is going beyond accruing ever greater spiritual experiences. Instead, spirituality to me is about loving and surrender, by leaving the mind behind and feeling your body ever more deeply. Feel your emotions. Feel your resistance to feeling emotions. Scan your body four or five times a day, feeling it from toes to the hair on your head. Feel your breath entering and leaving your body. Feel your diaphragm move up and down, and your ribcage expanding and contracting. Feel where your muscles connect to your ribs.

Feel inside your heart for that spark of life that you call ‘me’. Follow the sense of being alive. Can you feel your heart beating? Surrender to the needs and desires of your flesh. Know that you are alive, and a human, embedded in a life-situation. Don’t strive to perfect that situation, but just rest more and more in your body and its situation.

Explore that dark emptiness inside. Explore your muscle tension. Practice relaxing your muscles all the time.

What will happen is the most marvelous thing. Most everyone is head and eyesight oriented, and sight, along with your mind’s understanding that we are separate from the world, puts us at a distance from the world and our own lives. Instead, sink into feeling. Feel inside your body, feel outside. Feel how the skin feels when wet or dry, how the air caresses your skin. Become very dumb and just sink into feeling, like a baby.

Magic will begin to happen. You will enter a world of energies. These energies flow throughout your body in every way imaginable. Some energies have color. Some are blissful and ecstatic, some are dense and dark. These energies interact with the energies of the world all around you: magnetic energy, electrical energy, light energy, and other invisible energies that affect and in many ways guide your life.

Soon you will no longer be in the same world as everyone else, that which I call the mundane world of everyday life. Instead, you will be submerged into a life of energies and will understand and feel your life in a way you could not have conceived of just a few years before.

What has happened is that you are becoming totally incarnated into the energy matrix that is your body and in so doing you are coming totally alive.

You will be able to feel the life force in others and accept it as your own. By doing this you also become aware of your own life force and that you are primarily spirit, that which is aware of your body as your sense instrument. Gradually you will become aware of the life force as a whole, which permeates and creates every sentient being in the universe, and you will bow to each being as your own self and as God.  You will know God within your own beingness and as your own beingness, as well as all the energies around you in life.

Lastly, you will know love in a way more deeply than ever before. Love
has so many different hues. But you will feel love for others so impossibly deep you will weep with joy, for in each other you will find God and yourself. And if lucky, you will find someone else as deep as you who wants to share life with you in a way you only dreamed was possible. A life of total devotion and surrender. Divine union. A life of ecstasy and bliss. A life of total union, total perfection, and knowing that God loves you.

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