21 March 2016


Robert Adams, October 10, 1991

Sages have told us that if we can remove the I-thought, we'll have a different picture of everything. Everything will disappear in this world. For everything is contained in the I-thought and as far as I'm concerned the easiest way to do this is to inquire from where the I-thought comes. Can anything be easier?

Just finding out where the I-thought came from will remove all of your problems you ever had. Will set you free. It's all you have to do. Spend your spare time asking yourself where the I- thought came from. Can anything be simpler? "Where did the I-thought come from?" There is no answer to that question because the answer is in the ssilence of your spiritual heart.

Therefore follow the I-thought to it's source in the spiritual heart. The spiritual heart is consciousness, absolute reality, God, nirvana, sat-chit-ananda, Brahman. As the I- thought is dissolved in the spiritual heart you become your Self, simple. All you've got to do right now is to do it, and you will be free.


All things are created by mind. The mind superimposes images and form onto the underlying screen of Consciousness. The world and body, as well as the sense of I are illusions cast by mind. 

Mind is just a conglomeration of thoughts. Thoughts do not exist in themselves; they are temporary pointers and form creators and have no autonomous existence of their own. 

Thoughts create temporary forms in Consciousness and are Consciousness. These forms also have no existence of their own.  They impose imaginal distictions onto the pure, infinite, formless, lighted emptiness that is Consciousness. 

This is my confession.  You must have your own experience.

You are not a thing.  You are not a thought. You have no existence as a subject or as an object, except as an illusion imposed by thinking and the mind. What you are cannot be known by mind or spoken of by mind.

If you follow the I-thought or I thread to its source, the I disappears, leaving you as the underlying, formless, empty, lighted space of Consciousness. To follow the I,  you must dive deeply into yourself, deeply into the silence of your spiritual heart.

There you cannot say what I is, Self is, world is, for all answers would be words and words totally miss the point. In silence there is no truth, no existence or non-existence. There you are uncreated, unborn, formless, and at peace beyond any understanding.

Only when the mind is entirely still, silent, does a different existence become revealed as you. Iin this stillness there is no you, no world, no separation, no unity, no now, no past or future, no movement or time at all.  Just unadulterated existence, awareness of it, and unalloyed happiness.

To get there you need to find the I am, love your Self, worship your Self, and all will be revealed.


  1. Edji,
    In your Self inquiry guide, you mentioned to focus on heart and Let it grow and expand until it fills your body and “beyond as a sense of presence”…”
    Can you explain what is “beyond as a sense of presence”?
    I understand the “Sense of presence” means to dwell on the sense of I Am which is the sense of “Now”, so, what is “beyond as a sense of presence”? And what it feels like?

  2. In this context "beyond" means the space around your body. This sense of presence has its own interaction with the world like an electrical field extending out of the body into the world.