15 March 2016


I was with Robert for six years before he left for Sedona, and visited him often in Sedona.

Robert taught on many levels, finding words for just about anyone who listened to him.

But if you listen closely, not only to the words you understand, but also to those you do not, you'll find he is an enigma.

So many just listen to the level of concepts that they "resonate" with. That is, they take him as conformation of whatever beliefs or understanding you have.

But you can't really understand Robert until you get "before" the mind.  This is one meaning of transcending your mind or ego.  You go into deeper levels of Consciousness within and dwell there where mind does not touch.  You dwell in an inner world of emptiness, a lighted inner space that permeates your body, your brain, your heart and gut, as well as all the sensations that come through your senses.  Sound, vision, taste, touch, smell, as well as the kinesthtic senses of movement--all are permeated by light, but the Void, and you live here rather than in your brain or mind.

From this inner space, the mind and ego are seen as transparent entities that hardly touch you.  Only you exist, and your mind, ego, and world are all superimposed on you.

When in this place you know all speaking or arguments about who and what you are, what the I is, whether I exist or not, whether all is pre-determined or free-will, whether the world or your body are real or a dream, what God is, etc., all are seen as specious arguments that have validity only on the level of mind.

When you transcend mind, when you get "prior" to the mind and live in that subtlety of the lighted, sentient, void, you have an utter certainty of who and what you are because you know yourself from direct experience as opposed to trying to understand all of what Ramana or Robert said in words.

Robert kept talking in words about karma, enlightenment, Consciousness, the unreality of your body aand the world as illusions (of the mind), because the people who came to hear him "lived" at the level of mind.  They read many books, sought many teachers, took many retreats, but to no avail becAUse they were trying to comprehend who they were and the world that Robert lived in in terms of the words they read written by Robert or spoken by Ramana.

Until you learn how to live before your mind, until your center of awareness and Consciousness rets in your heart, you can only understand the philosophies that Robert was teaching.  But if you followed the I-thought to its source of emptiness within, or dwelled for a long time on the I-Am sensation centered in the heart, you don't know.  Your mind is a trap.  You have to go deeper into your heart.

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