08 March 2016

I Am Nothing

Most of us are filled with opinions about behaviors, diet, God, politics, and freely offer their advice about what you are doing that is right or wrong.

So called "spiritual people" are no different.  In fact, many are worse because they have absorbed so many different and contradictory teachings, which in spiritual people, becomes mixed with various moral codes of behavior.

I have had many students stay with me in my home and almost all are confused, judgmental, overly concerned with healthy or moral diets, and freely offer opinions of other behaviors.  They are constantly judging others and themselves in terms of perfection or failures in realization, food choices, politics, my behaviors, Kerimas', etc.  They have not realized that all this mental activity is just entertainment and ways to n ot be at rest with oneself.

In many cases, turmoil, depression, anger, well up, arising out of hidden internal processes, which are projected onto the environment, just as does joy and bliss upon occasion. But with practice, observing, accepting, loving whatever arises from within, after a few years all the "friction" and "bad" feelings disappear because everything moves through you far more easily than before practice.

Robert's spirituality differs from most and is most closely allied with Zen.  The spiritual practice is to try to become nothing, to become nobody, with no opinions, no knowledge, no understanding, no attainment with nothing to obtain.  The emtier you get, the happier you also get, because the mind is no ,longer serving up its constant chatter of opinions and judgments. It just rests inside one's own void or emptiness nature.

So many who come here are trying to attain some elevated enlightened state that they can only vaguely verbalized based on reading too many diverse teachers, when what is really needed is to empty one's self of all understanding, all effort to become enlightened or awakened, and instead, the effort is to mostg accurate "feel" who you are and "be" who you are in emptiness.

Become the nothingness within by observing your dark void nature and rest there.  If you see some inner light, get in that light and expand it to fill the inner dark void.  If you don't observe an inner void, instead "feel" for the I Am sensation and abide there.  The I Am sensation lies at the root of you as a human, the flowering of the Manifest Self of energies, bliss, seeing God within, surrender, and love.  

Just lying in the I Am long enough reveals the emptiness that underlies even the I Am sensation and identity.

This is where Robert Adams leads you and where Zen also leads you: a place of a silent mind with no words, no ideas, no judgments, no  opinions,  no shoulds, no fixed ideas about food, diet, sex, morality.

What is revealed then is unbelievable!

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  1. as if having thoughts or not having thoughts, having judgments or not having judgments, having opinions or not having opinions HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH EMPTINESS :))