01 March 2016


Nisargadatta became accessible to many more people after Padeep Apta published the Nisargadatta Gita which is a compilation of all the paragraphs where Mahraj spoke of the I Am, or the I-Am sensation across 11 of his books edited by Jean Dunn, Robert Powell, Maurice Frydman and others.ion.

There were maybe 150 paragraphs where Maharaj spoke about the I Am sensation, the Self or Atman, and the Absolute or Witness.

Volunteers could do the same for Robert. But with Robert we have far more text than the 11 books by Nisargadatta.

The key topics for volunteers is to go through the transcripts and extract the paragraphs or sets of paragraphs on:

1. Emptiness/the Void/Silence

2. True nature/Satchitananda/Turiya

3. Self/Ataman

4. ego/mind

5. World as illusion/optical illusion/You do not exist

6. Brahman/parabrahman/Witness

7. Or pick your own favorite topic from the transcripts.

Each group of compiled paragraphs then needs to be edited and can be published.

Since these are only selections of paragraphs, there should be no problem with copyrights under copyright laws where short phrases or individual paragraphs are selected and compiled in order to build a better understanding of Robert's teachings.

No one would have to cover the entire 2,300 pages, but might select 1,000 or so and search on one topic.

This is an excellent way to study Robert's teachings more deeply.


  1. This is so straight to the Heart - it's incredible!

    "Absolute Reality, Choiceless Awareness, Sat-Chit-Ananda, Parabrahman, those are all words that do not exist except to the student in order to explain that there is a state beyond the so-called norm. A state of total transcendence, and we give a name to this: enlightenment.
    When this actually happens or transpires in a person, the I has been totally destroyed, totally annihilated. The me no longer exists, and to that being, there is absolutely no one who became enlightened. That being is resting in his true nature, in nothingness, absolute nothingness.
    No one can become enlightened. No one can be liberated, for the you that thinks it can be liberated doesn't even exist. There is no you. There is no person. There is no human being who is a human being one day and the next day becomes liberated. There is only the liberated Self, and you are That."

    p.206 Silence of the Heart.

  2. Dear Edji - How can I volunteer. What's the process.