12 March 2016


JUNE 6, 1992

There is one theme, one teaching Robert returns to over and over: You are Nothing; you don’t exists; everything is Nothing. Know this and you are liberated.

After you wake up in the morning, for the first second or two, you don’t exist. Then very suddenly the mind comes awake and you and the world snap into place. The wakened mind creates you and it creates the world. All your beliefs, memories, ideas, opinions, bring you into existence and the world simultaneously. But when your mind stops and you can sink into your heart, you “become” something entirely different. You become the emptiness before the mind comes alive, and that emptiness is illumined by Consciousness’s own light.

Now, let look at Robert’s transcript Everything is Nothing. This will be a brief quote for discussion and educational purposes only, allowable under international copyright laws.

Robert Adams:

“Many people ask me, "Robert, what is really the fastest way to
quiet the mind?" for many of you realize now that when the mind is quiet,
liberation comes by itself. There is really nothing else you have to do to
become liberated. When the thoughts stop, everything takes care of
itself. Then you are in your natural state.

“Therefore what should you do to quiet the mind? Should you
practice self-inquiry? Should you become the witness, the observer?
Should you do pranayama, breathing exercises? Should you practice the
I-am meditation? All of these things are good, but yet ours is the easy
path, the direct path.

“Here's the easiest way to do this. If you would realize in your heart,
that everything is nothing, your mind would become still. You would
become perfectly still. Ponder what I just said. If you would only realize in
your heart that everything is nothing, there would be no thoughts. This is
very profound. This is really all you have to do. Realize in your heart, not in
your mind, but in your heart, that everything you behold, everything you
see, is actually nothing. There will be no thoughts. You will become free.

“Let me explain. When you see a tree, what is the source of the
tree? The seed. What is the source of the seed? What came first, the tree
or the seed? Where did the first seed come from? Where did the first tree
come from? When you look at a mountain, what is the source of the
mountain? When you look at the world, what is the source of the world,
the universe, the planets? You may say, "Well, God is the source." What is
the source of God? Is God something? You have to ask yourself, you
have to inquire within yourself, "What is the source of all these things?"
“And you will realize nothing is the source of everything. Everything comes
out of nothing.

“When you come to this conclusion in your heart, something
happens. Immediately all of your karma, all of your samskaras, all of your
delusions are totally eradicated and you become free. See how easy it
is? All these years you've been looking for methods, teachers, things to
hold onto, things to rely on, where in truth, all you have to do is to realize,
in your heart, that all existence comes out of nothing. If you take a flower
and begin to dissolve the flower, you will get molecules, you will get
atoms, you will get energy, and then you will get nothing. Whatever you
dissolve to the nth degree, everything, turns into no thing, into nothing.

“Therefore God is nothing. You are nothing. There is only nothing. Why
won't you accept this, and become free?”


Is it not surprising that this 2,000 year old teaching reaches the same conclusion as modern physics that states the universe was created instantaneously 13.9 billion years ago out of nothing in the form of the Big Bang? Moreover, they also hold that all matter, all appearances, from a galaxy down to an atom, are nothing but energies in emptiness, whether be it in the form of fundamental particles, or energy strings. For physicists, all matter and energy comes out of and is permeated by infinite space, emptiness, the Void.


A student then asked Robert: Isn't nothing just another concept?

R: Nothing is certainly another concept.

S: Just the opposite of everything.

R: Of course.

S: So where do you get by saying everything is nothing?

R: When you begin to accept that everything is nothing,
everything inside begins to dissolve. All of the things you've been holding
on to for all of these years, all of the teachings, all of the dogmas, the
concepts, they begin to dissolve, dissolve, dissolve into nothing. This is why
I say, do not think about this in your mind. For the mind will fool you and it
will be another concept, as you so rightly said. But if you think about this
in your heart, and of course in your heart you do not think, you just have
a realization of this truth in your heart, that everything is nothing, all of a
sudden something will happen. The heart will open up. The heart is the I am, the absolute reality, the pure awareness, and you will find that you
have become nothing. By becoming nothing, you've become
everything. You're essence is in everything, when you are nothing. You will
laugh. You will be happy. Nothing will disturb you. You will have infinite
peace. It's so simple, so simple.

“Yet many of you want to analyze this. You want to think too much
about it. You want to try to understand it. This is what keeps you back
from experiencing liberation. When you try to understand what I say, you
are simply using your concepts, your dogmas, your training over these
years, and from previous years, and from previous incarnations. All this
stuff is inside of you. And you try to use this intelligence, so called, to try to
understand nothing, and you cannot do this. It will never happen. You,
the finite, have no faculty to understand nothing. So can't you
understand now how foolish this is, to try to use your human intelligence,
your human understanding, to understand nothing? This is what holds you
back from realization, this very thing itself. Ponder this.

“Your human intelligence has to be gotten out of the way. Your
human concepts have to be dissolved. Everything you feel, believe and
experience, up to this point, has to be totally transcended. Nothing will
never appear to you until you have become nobody. When you are
nobody, you'll be nothing. But you want to be somebody. Somebody
can never be nothing. You have to be nobody to be a nothing.
(laughter) Nothing is hard to come by. (more laughter) Look at some of
you, you think you're somebody. You have the pride inside of you that
makes you think you're somebody.

“We believe we're something. Even when we say we're nothing,
we think we're something. Understand yourself. See where you're really
coming from. Think of all the books you have to read, the teachers you
have to visit, the talking you have to do to explain things. I'll remind you
again, and again, and again. As long as you are involved in intelligence,
and things that come out of human intelligence, you can never be
nothing. And if you can never be nothing, you can never be self-realized.
“Even though self-realization is your nature, and you are already that, the
clouds of ignorance have covered you up, making you believe you're

“The years spent in studying scriptures, memorizing passages, where
has it gotten you? It's only more stuff that you've got to get rid of. I tell you
again and again, this teaching is an emptying process, not an adding on
process. Do not think you have to know something profound to become
liberated. It's actually what you do not know, that makes you liberated.
“The knowing keeps you human. Knowingness makes you a talking
encyclopedia. It's only when you begin to empty yourself, that you find
yourself, and you're welcome to use the simple method we're sharing.
Just realize right now that everything is nothing. In your heart realize this.
Can't you see what's happening? It's so simple. As you realize everything
is nothing, there is nothing to think about.”


Robert is absolutely correct here, but usually we can’t become nothing by believing in the concept that we are nothing. Usually it takes many years of quietly looking into one’s own source, the dark void inside, the inner world deeper than the mind, feeling into the heart area until our center of awareness drops out of our heads into our hearts. Literally we have to get out of our heads, because as long as our awareness is centered in the brain, we will remain the person we think we are, that we were taught we were, with all of our memories and habits. We stay as the mind until we drop into the heart.

Once our center of gravity, so to speak, our center of awareness, drops into our hearts, then we realize the truth of Robert’s teachings instantly. Suddenly we become aware that we are not our bodies, not the world, but are the infinite lighted Consciousness extending throughout our infinite emptiness.

In this emptiness there is nothing to be done, no where to go. We are happy, rested, at home without words, concepts, habits, desires, forcing us to do something, or to go somewhere. We are free, totally rested, infinite awareness.

Now, go to the full transcript and read it slowly. Let Robert’s message sink in.

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