03 February 2016


Once you gain deep entrance to your inner world, nothing remains the same.  The external world loses both its charm and its horror.  The inner world of emptiness, flowing energies, light, bliss, muscle and organ movements becomes far more interesting.  The inner world is filled with activity.  This is not like day dreaming with images, memories, and thoughts, a whole new realm of inner phenomena fill that inner space—the Void.

As your awareness deepens new things keep happening, from bliss that lasts days, weeks, or months, to the experience of inner aspects of your own sense of self.  For me, I first felt that I experienced God in me, as light and fantastic energies arising and expanding.  Then I saw the divine was really me.

Then I became the sentience coexistent with the entirety of existence, aware of the emptiness, aware of all things in the world; everything became me, and I became everything.

Then the process of identification dropped and there was no me, no world.  All that there was, was everything, inseparable, without time or thought.

Then strangely yesterday I had a visitor.  An energy being, who was me, appeared in me as a separate aspect of myself.  Before, I had felt this as God, and then as me.  But this time it was like a new being, a separate being with its own mind and energy, who wanted also to play in this body along with me who had no location.

It was subtle, was translucent, energetic, and made me so happy by its presence.

Of course it was me, but an aspect I had not seen before with its light and magical presence--dancing.

For the last 6 weeks I have had either Max or Michael taking care of me, which means I didn’t have to do much except sit in my easy chair and feel and observe within—almost continuously.

I can see why Robert never wanted to leave his rocking chair. The unfolding of the inner world that occurs in silence and residing in one’s inner world is enjoyable beyond belief.


  1. Thanks for sharing your life. It is inspiring. :)

  2. Synchronicity. The time and date you wrote this was also the exact moment I was I was sensing the same. I woke up this morning having a psychic vision of your blog and so I visited your blog for the second time. I'm new here. The last couple of months I began to sense a shift inside that there seems to be more in the deepest depths of void or empty truth that can't be spoken but experientially experienced. Since last week and especially last night around the time of your post it has been painfully intense. It feels like the first stage of self realization but this time it seems to be a purging beyond mind ego, but the remnants conditioned left behind through moments of beingness. This baby enlightenment, satori, or self realization seems to be the initiation of the journey. I still don't care why people make such a big deal of it. It gives people a misperception as an attainment end instead of what seems a timeless journey. I suppose most people have yet to kill their Buddha trap. It is this second place that you are hinting that few people and teachers talk about through experiential. Many teachers will shutdown when asked for it seems they haven't or are afraid to go into this area. I see the fear in them as of the same fear in their students struggling with the self realization initiation. This is important becuase everyone talks about self realization and chase after it. They dont know bc they haven't reached the beginning point truthfully. The concern is that there will be plenty of self realized people running around with little guidance and experience in the path as few people talk experientially about beyond the initial or baby self realization. Most talk as if its the end. I see a lot self realized people and teachers suffer secretly because this area isnt much talked about openly or at all in pure experiential truth. Perhaps many have the tendency to become hermit bc it can be too much. Please verify more through blog and or my email. Thank you!! I appreciatively look forward to further shared guidance from you.

  3. Dear Edji,
    This entity, was you in what way?