05 February 2016

Spiritual Benefits of Being Older


Sri Edji, Thank you for your latest blog...it is very inspiring.
My view of this world is also changing. I know its a stage of consciousness and its getting to be fun. Even an oil change for the car today turned into an exciting experience. All the flowing 'energy' just came and went through my being...the waiting room has a total universe there and it came from deep inside and splashed all over that auto dealership.

The newspaper was there and it included tons of stuff so anyone reading it may experience all sorts of emotions...from elections to a local book sale. Newspapers just don't have any pull on me anymore and the mind is much, much, quieter so the words are just blah blah.
This underlying Purple River of Bliss is just constantly flowing through my Being and it is the only thing that commands any worthwhile attention.

Sometimes I feel like I am sitting in your warm comfortable chair with you looking at the lap top seeing how the devotees are doing.

Setting with Grace.


My Response:

In my own case, it is a matter of age. I have done everything in life that I wanted to do in the external world. Combine that with 50 years of looking within, and you find someone who finds himself more fascinating than anything in the external world.

The saame with Steve. He is weathered and finds his own inner world more fascinating than the outside world.

This is what it takes. A complete reversal in the direction of awareness from outside to inside.


And, depending on how you look within, feel wining, what methods and mediations you use, different things and experiences are found.

There are those who work on chakras with visulalizations and breaath, those who look for the I-thought, those who abide in the I-sensation, those who merely sit in silence.... Each is a separate path.

Those who wax eloquent about the absolute, the witness, the unchanging are missing the wonder and fascination of all the internal activities that abundantly manifest in kaleidoscopic patterns of ebbing and flowing energies, complete relaxation, bliss, and the happiness of knowing one's own Self.

Every breath--a wonder!  The simplest task a miracle!


  1. Hello, Ed,

    You say: "Those who wax eloquent about the absolute, the witness, the unchanging are missing the wonder and fascination of all the internal activities that abundantly manifest..."

    The opposite is also possible. Until I realized myself as the Absolute in a similar experience to the one you had years ago, I never gave importance to the changing staff, energies,etc.

    Now, feeling anchored in a secure place, I am now freer than ever to explore the inner and outer worlds. I am braver.

  2. Exactly my point. I did not say the absolute did not exist. I only complained abiut the current emphasis in spirituality to transcend.

  3. Come to Mooji und rest in him, then the words will dissolve.