20 February 2016

I have always told you, my readers, the truth.

I speak about all aspects of spirituality, and especially against teachings that deaden you to your life by convincing you that the ego must die, that the real self is entirely untouched by life, humanity, and that one should steadfastly attempt to go beyond life.

I constantly talk about my own experiences and speak from them whether I am wrapped in extreme states of bliss or grief from the loss of a pet.

I speak from a place where emotions are to be embraced, not simply observed to rob them of their importance.

I always speak from a place of experiencing a vast, spacious emptiness that pervades my body and the world and is lighted by its own essence.

I never say to ignore the world or your feelings because they are temporary and impermanent.

Three years ago I was embraced by endless and continuous states of bliss, and that is what I spoke of, as well as my sense of presence, my energy body permeating my physical body and radiating into the surrounding space.

Now I speak more of the emptiness that pervades all phenomena including my body, my sense of presence, the light of consciousness, thoughts, and the external world, leaving me totally content as I am in whatever temporary state may be happening.

I argue against teachers who teach that continuous bliss is the end state and one needs to do chakra meditation, awaken the kundalini, do endless mantra, pranayama, and visualizations in order to pump up one's energies, or to transmute negative feelings into positive ones to "elevate" one's mood and energies.

For I have found even the Self is empty, and the empty Self is happiness.

The Void robs all teachings of any meaning, so the head no longer rules your life.  Your center of gravity sinks into your heart and gut, revealing the world and one's own self to be entirely different than you thought, and extremely peaceful.  And very, very deep.

Now you are totally open to whatever is, not needing to practice or pump yourself up through any method. Pumping up, trying to increase one's energies or bliss can become a kind of hell of spiritual progress that goes nowhere except for more bliss obscuring who you are.

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