22 February 2016

It is easy to say that there is no Self for someone who has not yet experienced his or her Self.  Those who claim there is no Self mostly have not experienced it.

Yes, there is a false kind of self consisting about all the ideas we have about ourselves, such as gender, age, occupation, family, human, etc., but if you look inside long enough, the emptiness you perceive washes away your identity with these identifications with ideas.

But if you "feel" inside for your sensee of self, your I Am sensation, and abide there for a long while, the Self will show itself to you and blow you away with its majestic presentation of energy and light, and you will never be the same.  Now you identify with the life force coursing through your body and sense of presence.

Slowly the identification with this manifest self of life, energy, and presence fades in silence, leaving just happiness and complete openess to all that occurs, within and without.  Then the Self is no more. 
What you are is sentience, awareness, enerrgy and light.

So anyone who says there is no Self should be asked, "What is your experience of you body and your self now?" If they simply say they do not experience a Self, what kind of teaching is that?  What is the value in that?  Unless they have experienced a sense of divine within, the light of Consciousness, the life force, what are they offering except freedom from identification with IDEAS of who you are, and not the extraordinary experience of your "divine" (seemingly, that is how it feels) Self, and within it the emptiness that permeates and contains all things.

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