17 February 2016

Awareness 24/7

Ask anyone who claims to be aware 24/7 to describe that experience and they cannot, because the mind is absent in deep sleep, and it is the mind that articulates and explains experience. Robert never described his experience of being aware during sleep.

Generally what they say is what Ramana said. After you awake you are aware that you slept well. You "remember" being self-aware after you wake up and the mind can remember being aware of sleeping well (or poorly).
That is all.

But almost everyone has this experience, this knowledge.
So when someone tells you he is enlightened, awakened, or is aware 24/7, ask them to describe what they are talking about.

You will find almost without exception, that they merely repeat teachings offered by Ramana, Nisargadatta, Robert, etc., as their own, with the same arguments about Self, No-Self, no separatre self, non-dual, Now, oneness, or the Witness/Absolute.

Advaita teachings are the worst because their arguments are so mental rather than experiential. Advaita is easily turned into apparently logical arguments, as opposed to the experiential paths of Kundalini, chakra awakening, energy work, Tantra, etc., where you actually have to have numerous spiritual experiences of progressive opening.


  1. I agree. You can be aware and nearly-sleeping for hours, but you dont rest so well... Or you can sleep and then you have no awareness at all in deep sleep, you have the feeling that "you were there", but just that

    Thank you Edji for your ever present sincerity.

  2. SELF INQUIRY is not Attending the sense of amness - I AM - Consciousness.
    Lot of people have distorted the meaning of SELF INQUIRY.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes it is. There are many different methods all called self-inquiry and all different. This method is superior to lokking for the source of the I-thought.

  3. Dear Ed ji,

    Like many others I wasted lot of years in understanding the words.
    I am writing the below from my own experience.

    Self Inquiry means - Finding who is the perceiver ?
    The perceiver cannot be the perceived.

    So whats the point in attending the amness/I consciousness when already known that it is just perceived and
    not the perceiver.

    It is wrong translation of words that has caused lot of confusions.

    It is not finding the source of I thought.But I feeling.
    (I feeling is wrongly translated as I thought).
    I thought is not permanent it appears and disappears fast.
    The moment one realizes I thought has appeared I thought is gone/no more and how then to find the source ?
    And one will not be able to find the source of I thought.
    It is useful to stop the thoughts.Stop the illusion.

    But I feeling is available permanent.

    It is finding who is perceiving this of I Feeling or consciousness.

    It is also referred as go to the source.

    Please refer to Ulladhu Naarpadhu - Ramana Maharishi.
    (Tamil version has clear meaning and the English translation has wrong translation/interpretations).

    Enquire who is
    knowing/perceiving this amness which is giving the sense of I feeling.

    Please refer to Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj - Find the source of child conciousness - and knock it down.

    This is the Most direct path and doesn't even take a minute.
    This is better than trying to be aware of the sleep.
    Because a natural anesthesia kind makes it difficult to be aware of sleep.

    Because it is very very difficult to get that knack and people rarely found success the
    others have started quoting Attention on amness is what suggested by Sri Ramana Maharishi.

    Only Sri Ramana Maharishi,NMaharaj and Papaji have quoted it correctly.

    But very very rarely one will find success it happened to me luckily few times but again
    I am not successful/consistent all the times. Not sure why.

    Thank you.