09 October 2015

What appears as plain as the nose on my face appears to be as clear as a deeply buried vein of lead to others.

In order to understand what I say, you need to have so deeply experienced the emptiness of the body and world so that the Void is part of your constant experience.

In addition, the Void itself is self-illumined.  It is permeated by Consciousness, beingness, which has its own inner light.

The body is permeated by this lighted consciousness/emptiness, making it like a hologram, like an entity within the starship Enterprises Hollowdeck.

In addition, if instead of just “observing” you mind, body, and emotions, you also FEEL them deeply, you become aware of complex energy streams inside your body, including Kundalini movements, healing energies, muscle tension and vibrations, inner quivering bliss states, and internal organ movements and states.

Next you become aware of your energy body, your sense of presence which extends outwards as a seeming electrical body permeating and extending beyond the body.

Lastly, after a lot of time exploring one’s sense of I, the I Am sensation, as well as all the emotions, images, ideas, and energies that arise from being embedded in this phenomenal soup, the Self arises in you as the “other,” the divine entity within, whether called God, Christ, or Krishna Consciousness, which becomes the center from which you live, living from the heart.

By now your mind is long dead.  It exists, but you pay it no mind. From here on, it is not the mind that speaks, but Consciousness through you. You hate reading spiritual stuff because you know the Self, at least the Manifest Self of the union of you, as human, with God, the divine within, called Atman by the Hindus.

Lastly, dwelling for a long time within and knowing/exploring this total soup, the boundaries disappear, you disappear.  You become nothing.  You no longer exist as a separate entity within this soup, nor do you become one with the soup itself because you no longer identify with any phenomena.

That is, all that exists is Consciousness, and you don’t identify with it. Identification disappears revealing the final truth that you are beyond Consciousness, Turiyatita, which can never be known.  It is the knower so to speak, except that is a simplistic explanation.  Actually, you are beyond all knowing, all phenomena, even the totality of Consciousness.

How many can understand all this? Only someone who has spent a lifetime of looking and feeling within. Nisargadatta clearly states in this last talks that he no longer has anything to do with his body or even Consciousness itself.  It took him 40 years from the time he realized his Manifest Self, Krishna Consciousness, which he talks about extensively in his first book, “Self Knowledge and Self Realization,” to his final books, the Jean Dunn trilogy, where he only teaches about the Absolute, going beyond Consciousness and the human condition.

He only speaks from this viewpoint and readers think they can go from where they are, totally clueless, to his absolute state without realizing Krishna Consciousness, the energy body, the sense of presence, the I Am, emotions, etc., before realizing that only Consciousness exists, and finally, you do not exist, you are entirely beyond existence, even as your human life and its problems continue.

Not one in a 100,000 can realize all this. Maybe not one in a million or even ten million because so few spend their entire lives in self-inquiry, going ever deeper into the soup of one’s phenomenal life.  This is why Robert said you can count the number of enlightened beings on the fingers of two hands.

The rareness of true enlightenment has been entirely destroyed by the neo-Advaitin phenomenon that equates enlightenment with believing you are already an enlightened and divine being.  For them, the message of spiritual practice, going deeper within, attaining awakening after awakening until arriving in the absolute, is destroyed.  


  1. You are awesome. I liked always this simplicity expressed in your posts. It really motivates. It is like little pushes when needed.

  2. Thank you Sri Edji, Plain and simple, not just for an hour a day but 24/7. Easy to do at work, school, chowing down and doing other unmentionable things...just perseverance and dedication.