07 October 2015


Some say what I teach is “All over the place,” and not some simple and progressive method or teaching.

But if you want simplicity and unchanging teachings, you will create and be trapped in a box.

Five years ago I mostly taught from a viewpoint similar to Nisargadatta’s, juxtaposing finding the I Am or manifest Self, and the absolute witness.

Then I began reading from a Zen book called the Tiger’s Cave.  At this time Jo Anne felt upset and anxious, and eventually quit, because Nisargadatta was slowly become clear to her, and the new ground I was covering made absolutely no sense.

The same with Lila.  As long as I just taught opening and realizing the Manifest Self, she was good with it, and even the Zen teachings.  But once I began talking about the Subtle Body, energies, Chi, healing energies, she said she was unwilling to follow, and abandoned this path for a straight Kundalini teacher.

They didn’t want to abandon the spiritual box of secure and safe teachers of a Nisargadatta way, a Zen way, or a Tantric Kundalini way.  They clung to one model that gave the comfort of apparent understanding as opposed to letting go of the all matrices.

Advaita Vedanta is a matrix—a way of understanding yourself and the world, Consciousness.

This matrix is different from a Tantric Kundalini matix where the body and world are real, the Self is real, God is real, and the internal energies arenot only real, but vital for Self-Realization.

Zen too is a way of understanding, basically the impersonal interplay of all forms and the Void, from which they come and to which they return.  The emphasis is entirely away from intellectual knowledge of any philosophy of existence or the Self,to getting rid of thinking altogether, and learning how to respond spontaneously without the intervention of mind.

You see, I shift from world of discourse, to another world very easily because I hold onto none.  All worlds are just rooms in the mansion of the entirety of my inner and outer experience.

This is why I criticize other teachers when students start quoting them, or say, “So and so says X, Y, Z.”  Those students are trapped in that model, those teachings and have not even begun to lose all their concepts and directly intuit life from their core, non-mental experience, versus from their spiritual ideas.

I try to shift around fast enough so that no one gets too involved in one way or gets too comfortable. In a sense this is a very Zen-like way to leave the brain and operate from your heart, by not thinking too much, interpreting, or judging.  All this keeps you imprisoned in alternative sets of ideas, or matrices, a matrix, and you need the Red Pill of unknowing to escape, not just the first matrix, but each as they arise to take the escaped matrix’s place.

You always need to keep moving, keep exploring, go deeper and deeper into your inner Self until inner and outer distinctions disappear, the Manifest Self is experienced, as you yourself having Christ or God living in you, and going even beyond that to Cosmic Consciousness, where everything is Consciousness or Shakti, or God, and you no longer exist.

I weave and destroy worlds, how few want to or can follow.  Osho taught in a similar way; he spoke of many traditions from Zen, to Advaita, to Lao Tzu, to Christ, to Sufi teachings.

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