31 October 2015

Nisargadatta, Robert Adams, and Ramana are the big three of traditional Advaita, and the principal guides of my entire Sadhana.

But I want you to take a look at what they say, feel what they say, and what do you feel?

Really they only talk about Turiya and, at least in Nisargadatta's case, That which lies beyond it.

I knew Robert first hand. I spent severn years with him.  Most that claim his as their guru spent not one minute with him.

Robert was fun to be with only because he was my guru. Lost in himself, he really had nothing to do with the world which he considered a joke.

I just wanted to be around him all the time, trying to get a taste of where he was subjectively, and finally in 1995 had several experiences he acknowledged as "enlightenment."  But let me tell you, the experience of and knowledge of the experience that I did not exist as a human and that the world was illusory produced no joy, but only 10 years of dwelling in emptiness, which was very dry indeed.

When Shakti came to me and awakened me to the joys of the Manifest Self in 2010, everything changed because at this point Consciousness itself became alive as Shakti and has remained so until now.

You cannot identify with the Absolute as you cannot experience the Absolute as some thing, as an object; you can only be is as the subject, and when you do so, the totality of existence is laid out before you as Consciousness, but with the identity gone.

However, when this happens, the principal of identification is absent and you cannot accurately say, "I Am That," because the ability to relate to objects is gone.  You cannot even any longer say, "I am not That," because there is no longer a That.

Subject and object as a distiction evaporates.  There is only Consciousness, but you cannot even say that.  The distinction between Consciousness and the Absolute disappears too.

You body is no longer experienced as separate from the world.  The I Am is no longer experienced as separate from the world. All become merged in with one experience of all that there is.  You are part of all that is, but cannot articulate that as no time and no movement exist in this totality.

With t comes great peace--unbelievable peace of nothing to do nowhere to go.  As the totality of Consciousness you are complete and immovable. Yet, you cannot even say, "I am complete and immovable" since no I-sense exists anymore.


  1. While you were with Robert what did your meditation consist of?
    Was it daily?
    What do you attribute your experiences to? Just hanging around Robert?

  2. While I was with Robert, I had no practice other than to be with him, and put my awakening in his hands. I transribed, published, MC'd Satsangs and hung around with him.

    After he left, I just listened to sacred music all day long, lay on a couch, and go inside.