12 April 2015

Three messages from Steve:

Edji,   I hardly remember writing this,,,this morning.  Its like a forgotten memory.

Its Almost 12:30pm right now and I just got out of bed.  Have been closely connected to the light radiating out of your  Heart Center and it has just been sending me into Total Bliss all morning and even being awake it is still there.If anyone could see the light radiating out of you they would fall to there knees as I am doing now.Deepest Love, steve

Edji,  All of a sudden everything turned white  and peaceful.  Like a huge fabric sheet was presented in front of me.  I somehow knew this was..........??   I can't put words to it.

I really don't seem to need music any more..I just think of you and your Heart Center right next to mine. this body has been 'vibrating' all day so far.      

I just see your body as a background but your Heart Center is like some of them pictures of Jesus with his heart radiating light.  

Yours is very forceful  (God you and Jesus would have been great pals)...blasting right out of your chest....and sending me flying!!

Sri Edji,    One thing I noticed is that I can hear about 50% better.   I can hear little noises that I couldn't before.  Plus I can smell like a cat.  This awareness is multiplying in more ways than one.

My Response:

Enjoy the wonder.  You are experiencing the rush of energies some call Shakti, some Grace, some Kundalini.  It is flowering in you now and after a long while will settle down into just an experiencing of the Self, you, as Steve, and God all rolled into one.

Just the majesty of the experience reveals to you that it is greater than anything human--hence divine--and it is you.  This is a place of magic why you can fly to astral worlds, change weather, develop telepathy, and all that--interesting for a while, but ultimately to let go and just dwell in the happiness of Self.

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