27 April 2015

There is so much more to real spirituality than Ramana and his infinity of teaching successors, and Nisaragadatta and his infinity of successors.  There is so much more than Neo-Advaita, self-inquiry, the Absolute, the Unchanging, or Zen and the Void. 

There is SO VERY MUCH MORE......

If one digs deep, one can find an infinity of experiences, of love, the Life Force, Shakti, then amazing pain and suffering, death, loneliness, followed by uplifting energies and bliss, wild energies, the experience of the presence of God in oneself, grace and gratitude, then later of pure evil luring at our heart's source.  

Sometimes we experience the wildness of a dancing Zorba, followed by the coolness of Ramana, followed by by the sexual passions of a woman, followed by the cold compassion of Mother Teresa.  Follow this by deep grief over a parent's death, or shaking at the contemplation of one's own death.

Throw away your obsessions with Ramana, Advaita, Nisargaddta, neo-Advaita, Papaji, Tolle and all the other teachers of the Absolute.  Throw away Zen with its cool emptiness is form, and formis emptiness. 

Instead read about Ramakrishna, Osho, Tantra, Muktananda.  Read tales of pineal gland orgasms, Kundalini, Shakti.  Dance with the dervishes.  Follow Tweedie and her guru. Cry a thousand gallons of tears.  Become totally alive as a human and an incarnation of the divine into human flesh.

Feel the vulnerability.  Feel the fear.  Feel the loneliness, misery.  Then feel the ecstasies of God realization and grace in oneself.  Feel the arising Kundalini in your spine.  Learn to see in the darkness, feel the earth's magnetism, feel the life force in trees and in your lover, be open to worlds within worlds.  Feel the gratitude of having someone to love.  Be able to dissipate clouds.  Learn how to heal with energies.

Taken together, all the Advaita and neo-Advaita teachers in the world together embrace a very narrow range of spiritual experiences of Self, No-Self, Absolute, Witness, peace and quietude.



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  1. Edji, you have completely gone off track of Advaita which is concerned more with finding your Swarupa which is the base necessity for all experiences including the experience of sense of 'I am' or energies/bliss, etc.

    Whereas, Ramakrishna, Osho, Tantra, Muktananda. fantasy of pineal gland orgasms, Kundalini, Shakti and other forms of Christian and Muslim spirituality, etc. are more concerned with fantastic ultimate experiences themselves.

    If it is so, then you could definitely be a great spiritualist but can hardly be known as an exclusive Advaitin. In India too, there are many (including current Shankaracharyas) who before touching the turf of Advaita have had many spiritual achievements and continue to be in touch with many facets of spirituality. Also, the pure Advaitin do emphasize that one just has to know one's Swarupa and then one can live his body's life in a manner of his/ her own mind's choice (irrespective of morality/ immorality).

    However, due to some mysterious powers, some of them like Rishi Vashishtha, Lord Dattatreya, Adi Shankara, Siddharameshwar M., Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta M., Ranjit Maharaj and Vivekananda(He - Just before his death) exclusively identify themselves with the Absolute only. Why, I don't know?

    Anyhow, please pardon me for taking your valuable time and my poor English.