05 April 2015

Dear Edji,


What a difference, what a difference!!

I accepted this manifestation and God is showering on me with love, bliss and deep understanding of the humanity.

I am human again, with body, mind and feeling. This throbbing of the heart, hearing the chirping birds, looking at a tree, any sound make me enter into this beingness. I am ness is the root of this existence. And this I am ness is God. If I understand this I am ness, I understand the creation and dissolution of the universe. Yes, I AM ness is the seed of existence. 

2 days ago, I was with a friend and both of us felt this overwhelming energy of bliss and peace showering for more than 3 hours continuously. 

He never was a practicing meditator! How was that possible? Is this bliss contagious?

Edji, I have surrendered my self to you. Please accept me. Bless me with your love and light.



Actually successive  episodes will get deeper and more intense. Of course the likelihood of increased episodes of strong negative and positive emotions are also more likely as part of the awakening sequences.  You become sensitive to messeges from the unconsciousness about parst of you that remain buried and unseen, and want to return to life.

For Steve it was the horror of Vietnam; for Syndria it is attachments and abbandonment, for me it has been sadness and loss.  Your lost humanity must be fully reclaimed and then God--the Self--shows himself to you, embraces you, takes you briefly  to heaven in the flesh, then you come back totally changed.

Yes, someone in tune with you will likely feel something, and if he is sensitive, and you both are in tune, both will feel it.  We did that a lot in Satsang: broadcasting and receiving energies and bliss.


  1. Absolutely beautiful...that contact with the I AM will even inspire more. Your description sent me flying also!! Thank you.

  2. Can't let this go..Peace, Hallelujah, Your love Radiates, You have surrendered. I recognize this type of writing ...it rings..and its marvelous. Like radiant diamonds bursting within. Bless you and your Teacher Edji as he points the way. Deepest Love, Steve