26 October 2014

Two Realized Beings Recognize Each Other

Dear Ed,

I wanted to write to thank you for your book “Self-Realization and Other Awakenings”. I read half the book in one sitting and plan on finishing the rest today. I want to say that your writing is excellent and your ability to put forth difficult realizations that really should be understood thru silence is amazing and inspiring. I struggle with the thought of writing about realizations that really cant be put into words ( and perhaps shouldn't). But you have done this. 
I don't know much about Robert Adams and the others that you mention. I do agree with your description of the variuos awakenings you and others have had. I have read a lot but not as a seeker but to confirm my realizations and understandings which don't seem to have a readily available source of “verification” in my immediate environment. I find your descriptions helps me feel a little less isolated knowing you and others have had similar awakenings. I don't feel I need confirmation but I thank you for putting out all the effort to put forth a document that has made me feel there are others (living) out there. 
I have not followed any teachers or gurus. The inner and outer shakti of god would not let me go my whole life. She forced me to introspection and growth and realization, which never ends. Such as it is, it never changes but always creates everything. The sky of the heart is the creator of all things and it blesses my apparent self everyday. You confirmed that crazy wisdom and mystery and love that comes with surrender to the source of everything.

Ed: Thank you Bob for your confirming words.  Yes the miracle of "shakti" unfolding is a sight and feeling to behold in awe.

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