07 October 2014

Carly continues to grow in knowledge and love

Thank you so much. 

I love this creation I love knowing I co create my life I love that not one person can be responsible for my life but me. I love knowing that what I focus on becomes my reality. I love how meaningless words are. I love that the non-physical communicates by vibrations, energy. I love this human experience because just being alive and experiencing is my only true purpose.  I love my human body how it interprets the non physical, interprets feelings. I love I am not only my feelings and that they just guide me. I love knowing there is a source that is everything was always everything and will always be everything and nothing al at once. I love it's insane intelligence.  I love the formula for creating.  I love my life. 

How lucky am I that I get to be a part of the greatest show ever. I was picked to be the vehicle that God or the source uses to experience itself, myself. My personality I feel goes on, to keep learning and experiencing for eternity :)

I'm so grateful  I desire to know myself and to self realize. I noticed sadness and love are the same feeling, just different words to make meaning and empowerment. Also rage and hate seems to feel the same too!

I laugh at plans now. I just watch and observe and try to be a part of the flow. I notice when I'm happy I feel connected and when I'm depressed or frustrated I feel disconnected. So my feelings tell me where I am at, not who I am!

I love u.



Yes Carly, now you have come alive to accepting your physicality as long as it is present.  Joyful acceptance of your life-embodied.

Yes, all emotions are essentially the same, forces and energies within the Subtle Body that affect the physical body and vice-versa.  They are messages between the two and to the ultimate witness who watches.


  1. ...  I was picked to be the vehicle that God or the source uses to experience itself, myself....
    Beautifully expressed, Carly !

  2. Absolutely inspiring...thank you Carly.

  3. Very inspiring Carly, thank you for this! Love love love... Rich