07 October 2014

Steve Transitions From the Manifest Self (I AM) to Observer and Back--a good description

Edji,  Great experience this morning.....I could actually feel and experience the transition from being in the  I AM  into the Observer.   It was so gradual and smooth almost like the Sun moving in the sky....barely perceptible but truly an amazing transition.....slowly blinking an eye...but a transformation into a different more tranquil dimension.  Then transitioning back into all the feeling and emotion of life.

Like being  at a concert and feeling like I Am the music, the notes all the octaves and harmony and then slowly transitioning to being the complete theater, roof, seats, music...just everything and watching from not one spot but from everywhere.  Watching the music sailing into me like a river just flowing and meandering wherever....not being tied into the feelings.

God, that Carly is contagious and such a flow of rainbows of Grace.

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