12 October 2014


I watched your Satsang today and OMG! I

I love that I truly understand you now.

I love that I know I am a co creator now.

I use to blame everything and everyone for

my life not knowing I was creating it all the

whole time. I love because of free will God

Is always being surprised  by itself. It gives

life and we get to be little creators of this

given life. Oh its so beautiful and such a

marvelous design.

I saw u cry and I know

that cry, I love that cry. It's a cry of

perfection from the being to the end. A cry

of beauty.  I know the knowledge of past

lives I had. How lucky Edji that we get to

be the ones that experience and we get to

be the ones who allow God to know itself,

experience itself. I love being alive Edji.

Gratitude becomes a constant and I was

missing that I needed that.

I love that there are no good and bad ,right or wrong.

That's a human experience.  So the bad is

the exact same as the good to the source;

it loves us just because we experience. My

purpose is to experience and I believe the

best orgasm for the source is to remember

itself thru the human consciousness .

Edji without you I wouldn't have found the

strength to keep trying and keep going.

I know that nothingness, I thought the void

would be black but it seemed to me to be a

bright light. I didn't know tho until I was

out of it. There was no body to know it

just was. I could be wrong but I feel a

knowingness a place in me feels like its

in my solar plexus tells me truths. It feels

like fear is in the bottom half of myself. I

cannot leave this world behind because I

wouldn't be able to do what I was made for; to

Experience god.

Great Satsang Edji. Sorry

I missed the others. I love u so much. Guess

What?? I love me too. Not my body me,but

The real me. The me that's you and the

me that's  everyone else. If not for last

summer all the pain I had, the broken

heart, I wouldn't be where I am today...

Happy as fuck!


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  1. I get happy just reading what you wrote. The Sun is gonna rise again!