10 October 2014

Two Comments About My Book, Self-Realization and Other Awakenings

I've been reading your book for hours, and when you speak of these different states, you speak of them in a way that I feel their truth; not as an intellectual knowing. I enjoy the approach you take with spirituality as no neglecting any part of experience; identifying with it ALL, both the temporary manifest and the permanent "Para-Brahman." Just thought I would let you know


When I first read Edji's book, a whole new world of inner experience opened for me. As a zen student, internal experiences and enlightenment were never talked about. In fact, all experiences were considered distractions from focusing on the root, the Absolute. And awakening was beyond words and concepts so couldn't be talked about and shouldn't be tried because it just led to thinking and more attachments. 

For me, this lack of sharing left me lost in space.

So, I turned to Shamanism looking for maps of my inner landscape, which I did find, but the experiences were all very densely intertwined within a culture that I didn't belong to.

No matter how deeply I entered into that sacred world, I was still a visitor.

Edji's book talked to me about me. I saw myself reflected in his experiences. I viscerally knew what he meant, what he pointed to . He described both the deadness and depression I was then experiencing, and the awakening of energies and life force that I had sometimes felt but was trained to ignore. 

And here he was saying, welcome these experiences, love them, jump into them. And especially.... trust them_ trust your emotions and energies....they are real and trustworthy. I cried through parts of Edji's book with both relief and anger. 

It hit home in my heart so directly and so forcefully, that I knew I desparately needed and wanted this teaching and this teacher. 

And here I am, 10 months later, full of life and love, exploring my Self, my inner sentience as Edji's student. I feel very, very fortunate. 

So...read the book !!! Hahaha !


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