31 July 2013

New Snowden Revelation about XKeystroke program

Snowden's latest revelation.  The NSA's completely unsupervised access to all of your data through XKeystroke program. Fisa court said NSA programs probably unconstitutional.


  1. To some extent, this kind of thing was being done through Eschelon and Carnivore programs in the 90's. If you want some further information, youtube videos of Thomas Drake, William Binney, and Russ Tice are all worth watching. They are former NSA employees who have revealed similar information years ago, though perhaps not with the same specificity, and certainly not the same fanfare. It is interesting that on this particular occasion of Snowden's revelations, there has been a surge of interest.

    On the level of consciousness and awareness, it might be interesting to ponder what the leaders of society consider to be "intelligence gathering." What is the focus of the mind, and for what purpose? What sort of mental construct or mantra is being repeated, and what is the resulting manifestation?

    Russ Tice has noted that when he worked for the NSA, the agency regularly made use of its ability to wiretap all sorts of political figures: not simply elected officials but also appointees like judges. It is his assertion that these individuals are often selected as appointees or candidates BECAUSE they have dirt on them, which can be used to manipulate them once they occupy seats of power. In this ex-NSA employee's view, the NSA is a rogue agency serving what is referred to as the "deep state" which essentially is constituted by secret centers of power working often in a criminal manner against the interests of humanity.

    It is my belief that what is referred to as disruptive technology has combined with what might be labelled as a network of psychopathic individuals (clinically known as antisocial personality disorder, adherents of Machiavelli from an international relations perspective)to produce a highly destabilized planetary system. Interdependence becomes painfully obvious as the powers that be increasingly focus desperate attention on their own obsession with violent control, resulting in large scale events with victims who do not understand where the suffering is coming from.

    The "need" to monitor us comes from a spiritually bankrupted system which lacks any connection to divine consciousness, life force, faith, love, etc, and in my mind comes from a place in which that absence of connection/faith/love becomes a force which is externalized into the world at large. In short, psychopathic consciousness attempts to thrust its own view, its own vibration onto us all, to make clear to us the "reality" of its own dark vision in the form of warfare, increasing militarized police repression, economic uncertainty, climate breakdown, to show us that there is no goodness, no god, no justice, and leave us not in a state of exultation from emptiness, but one of despair from the kind of horrors which they perpetuate, and which we, in not confronting them on any level, further enable.

    In the case of domestic spying, to say if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear is to miss the point: these forces are destabilizing our ability to live in ways which we have grown accustomed (for better or worse) and they are creating the kind of data collection apparatus needed to maintain a violent and paranoid order during a time of crisis, rather than fostering greater understanding of our condition, and the potential for transformation. Who can achieve an appreciation for things spiritual or divine under a regime of torture, or from the confines of consciousness bent by the birth defects of depleted uranium reigned down on the families of Iraq, or in the midst of the fear of government retaliation?

    These things are not new to the human condition, though they may be unique in our particular high tech manifestation. How will we respond? I do believe that spiritually centered individuals have a role to play in this