20 July 2013

Mindblowing Satsang Today


Entirely new topic.  There is some confusion as to how what I teach fits together.

Self-inquiry, either the Ramana form, or abiding in it and loving it, has the end the self-realization that the seeker, the seer is you, but where you have been looking is not you.  The sought, the Self, is the seeker.  With this you become one with everything, space, the Void and every phenomena within it.

However, the approach of love has a different end: the realization of your divine nature, full of bliss, ecstasy, the light of Consciousness, beingness, along with a sense of absolute humility and submission/surrender to that which is greater than you. And with it, the descent of the most amazing grace, completion and love.  This is the realization of Turiya, Satchitananda, lovebliss.

However, the object of love needs to elicit a different kind of love than normally what humans mean by love.  It is altogether beyond anything you have experienced before, and usually requires the presence of someone who totally rests in that state, or a person who is resting at the edge of a bottomless abyss of this ecstatic love, who requires only a little push to fall in and sink.

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  1. Hey, dude. I like that you seem to act exactly as you are. I wish you lived on the East Coast.