03 July 2013

Amazing Grace!

The hip replacement surgery got me out of a rut.

For the past two years I have been swimming in bliss associated with Self-Reaization, and a kind of personal sense of ownership of everything.  All is me as it arises and it arsies in every differing forms.

Since surgery I have been in only one state of consciousness where there is little to no difference between sleep, waking, and dream consciousness, and the easy flowing of experience settled down to only one state.  No longer able to turn off consciousness and go to sleep or dream.

Then last night I slept again for the first time since surgery.  And today, the original shower experience of awakening to no-me, no-phenomena, no self awareness/consciousness returned.  I was not real again. Not human.  Not a form.  Not even an image or a thought.  I was nothing, and I was blissful and laughing at the same time.  WHAT UTTER PEACE; WHAT UTTER BLISS!

The Ashtavakra Gita best describes what I am today, the same as 1995, but with exquisite and ever more subtle bliss. http://www.wearesentience.com/uploads/7/2/9/3/7293936/ashtavakra_gita__byrom.pdf

This “body/mind” suffered the severe shock of surgery sending the whole apparatus to cycle again from the beginning, but this time with exquisite bliss.


  1. A very little bit I think I can understand how your bliss must feel..After 6 months of doing the falling backwards exercise to me that in comparison little, but to me unbelievable bliss your condition must be out of any description.All the best. I love you, as I do everybody.

  2. Now you see there is no body and all experiences are just an after thought.

    All really is well and everything is unfolding as it should.

  3. I am very pleased that all is well. It sounds like you are too Edji :)
    Mark UK