13 July 2013

Sorry, no satsang again today.

The surgery totally upset my metabolism and my “states.”  Right now I feel either dead, very tired, or amazingly and subtlely blissful with love, sexuality, and surrender.

I can never know even an hour ahead of time how I feel, and I feel no movement to share all the new states and experiences coming my way.  That is, the teaching juices are not flowing. 

Please give me another week.

I feel there are big changes coming given that there already have been big changes since the surgery.

Anyone who denies the body, by talking about an absolute true nature untouched by body or the deeper bodies, is just full of it.  Our bodies certainly are part of our manifest existence, and any shock to the body WILL cause huge movements in the Consciousness manifestations associated with the body.


  1. sorry to hear Ed... no need to apologize, you have been giving satsang for months in a row with hardly any break so you probably needed one anyway.

    I've been getting really more in touch with my body lately (mainly martial arts but also other stuff) and sometimes this can be quite painful and certainly affects the mind and emotions a lot.

    may you get well soon :)

    love (and thinking of you often),

  2. Okay Edji... Miss you, but wish you all the best in your healing and look forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Please take rest Edji. Your fast recovery to good health will bless us with many satsangs in years to come..

  4. I used to try to use meditation and spirituality to try and find myself and then become impervious to bodily troubles. I.e. I wanted to escape from my "skin prison".

    In a short year, my health situation has changed greatly and is also very uncertain. I'm fortunately mostly okay, but it's been quite a journey emotionally and physically to try and get to a place of good health.

    As much as I want to regain my original level of strength and health, there is something wonderful and enlightening about experiencing what I'm ecperiencing. I'm enjoying the heartbreak, disappointment, and hopelessness like I do their polar opposite emotions.

    Hope you are well, Edji. Take care of yourself.