08 July 2013

After LA Satsang this past weekend--Very Cool!

Dear Edji,

Thank you for having us in your home!

Last night I had an unpleasant dream [I rarely recall dreams, having – long ago -- found them a huge waste of time to try to recapture]. It was a frustrating experience. 

While “sleeping” I realized that it was a dream, like any thoughts, and that I could deal with it as a meditation: finding that pleasant ground state that is always present. Thus I was able to let go of my reaction to the experience and just let it be.

Similarly, this morning (while sitting for “meditation”) I rediscovered that I need not reject my thoughts. I can investigate them just as I have done with pain. When I do so, they lose their substance, so to speak. It's not so much that I look to see who is thinking, but when I investigate, there is nothing left except this sense of who that has been aware of the thoughts

Very cool. I attribute these little insights to our time together.

I thank you again


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