09 May 2013

Self-Realization book quickening lives

To Me:

Ed, I'm REALLY feeling your book. I love the fluidity and the insights. I feel really connected to what you say and that is rare for me. I think only Nissargadatta before has made me feel that.  What you say is true. I feel it. I know it. I'm now reading what you say abut feelings and it's exactly what I have experienced myself. I totally agree that it's a neglected area (p 79-81). I also feel that it's extremely important, key even. I find it bizarre how little we know about the world of emotion in this time and age. I wrote a blog post about suffering a few months ago and it was my most popular post so far. That and about being human. 

Feelings originate from a place deeper than we can imagine and understand.  It's not just cause and effect. I can't say I understand, only intuitively.

Please forgive me if I'm writing too much and too long. This is so interesting and it's putting things in motion. I thank you with all my heart for your book. Of course it's not a coincidence.



I'd say let loose the Shakti.  Allow and encourage it to take you over.  Become its servant.  Yet continue at the same time to go deeper by following the I-Am sense.

Continue to read my book. 

I take a different way than many towards awakening.  Use bliss, energies and miracles to take you deeper.  Emptiness is boring.

Look at my quote of Aurobindo on my blog: 
http://itisnotreal.blogspot.com re awakening to Atman, or Nirvana, as opposed to SELF and the "Mother," what I call the divine or God in partnership.

Do this and your control over your unfoldment will be lost.  

Shakti will take you on a wild ride and people by the thousands will follow you.

This is what I am doing with my students, turning them into gurus and healers, world-changers.

Please consider yourself part of our family.  We are working on creating a world-wide organization of healers and changers.  Some of our members are making miraculous changes and healings because they are infused with Shakti.  

Awakening becomes a small thing within the context of a 
developed ability to move from room to room of spiritual experience with great ease, including several different kinds of awakenings that most people consider as final goals.

Bliss is a reward for your efforts, and a carrot to make you take it deeper.

From C:

Before I saw this e-mail I felt: I'm losing all control. (It felt great!)

Then I read and see you encourage me to do just that!
I feel a lot of energy from reading your book. Almost uncomfortable, impossible to contain. I have to read it slowly (unusual for being me who can devour and digest quickly). This is different and I'm loving it.

Thank you thank you thank you for everything.
With Love


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