10 May 2013

Listening now to Namah Shivaya by Krishna Das. Splendiferous!  Ecstatic!

All day I have been hearing from current and past students about the remarkable “progress” some have been making. I feel so freaking happy! It just feels so right.

One I had thought lost to a secular orientation has found a renewal of spiritual practice through initiation by a long dead guru. Don't laugh.  Robert talked about this sort of thing all the time.  This student was bathed in the light of the guru, who descended within, and this student felt the movement of truth as holy.

Another student has become once again a famous healer and is almost always in ecstatic states. Miraculous healings happen weekly.

Another sees the world differently, as it is as energy and as a manifestation of the divine.  He is infused with Shakti, bringing great joy to his life.

This is just three of maybe 20-30 emails I get a week about people feeling great new movement in their lives in and around our Sangha, especially since I have taught to embrace the personal, the emotional, the body/mind embedded in the energetic Presence of that body and of the divine whether called Christ, Kali, or Krishna Consciousness.

And today I too am filled with a light ecstasy. Bliss and love when they stop moving inside, fill me like a large balloon with bliss and love so difficult to contain; it feels like I am going to explode at any moment and become infinite nothingness.  Energies pore through my body causing pleasurable tingling throughout.  Sometimes a quaking and shaking, sometimes a burning. Love seems boundless, endless. Also, my constant companion, the Self, who is also me, but whom I choose to worship as other, is always with me, suffusing me with a growing, spreading, liquefying sense of human happiness, acceptance of being a person, perishable, limited, emotional, embedded in flesh and doomed to die.  Yet today I live in joy, mindful of me with my divine other, enjoying the joy of my friends and students.

Such a change in our Sangha during the past six months.

Those who cannot take a life of surrender, service, and devotion are dropping away, replaced by those who feel the new movement, and there are many, many: yoga teachers, healers, hermits, teachers from other traditions.

While many still follow superficial neo-Advaita be-here-now or no-separate-self ideologies, others here are throwing themselves into deep practice.

With Stuart Savotsky pounding home the truth that there is far more to Buddhism and Hinduism than the West has ever encountered, and that even famous American gurus are/were on pop culture gurus, I feel a big change is happening, a deepening.

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  1. Here is another success story.

    Last ten years I have been searching some way to make my life better, some kind of ultimate method. Now I have found it and it is very simple: Love the sense of 'I am'

    Edji has mentioned it many times as have few others, but it is now that I really found it. It is so clear and simple. Just direct your love to the I-sense. When Edji writes and recommends living from the heart, I have no idea what the hell that actually means. This however is simple and practical advice. Just direct your love to this clear target of 'I am'.

    When I practice this method I am joyful and feel "river of honey" inside my throat and shining warmth in my solar plexus. I laugh and my whole body feels warm. Yet there is much more going on than this. The love is like liquid that follows the I-sense and so arrives to a place somewhere inside me. This love then awakens something, or maybe the love is transformed into something more than it was before. Warm and delicious energy spreads and I feel its radiance inside my being.

    This part of my journey is finally over. I found the method I searched. When I tried this first time, it just clicked. I have spent the last week trying to find a suitable target for the love I am able to create. This was so simple. Combine the dark and dry self-inquiry I have practiced with warm and shining love. It is like watering a thirsty flower.

    -M. H.