28 May 2013

NOTICE!! Open House

I am planning to have hip replacement surgery in a little less than a month, on June 26.

Unlike the previous surgeon I consulted, this one performs what is called an anterior approach surgery which spares the major muscles from being split, which is a surgery much easier to recover from than the traditional approach through the gluteus maximus, and which requires a much shorter recovery time.

But I will not be able to feed the feral cats for about two weeks, or until approximately July 10 or so.

I am thinking of throwing my home open to visitors and continuous satsang during that period of time as I will be mostly housebound. Surgery is a good excuse not to do anything except sit and talk.

The previous surgeon had said surgery would be risky for me, as I have a permanently collapsed left lung due a dead nerve controlling the left diaphram.  Apparently, this presents a risk when the gas tube to the lungs are removed.  It can take part of the lung with it.

However, this new doctor only uses a spinal anesthetic, as the surgery is shorter and less extensive than traditional approaches which requires a general anesthetic.


  1. Congrats Edji; it sounds like the surgeon you spoke to this time has a much better offer. Wish you luck, and the Open House sounds great.

  2. Hope it all goes smoothly!


  3. Ed.....

    What day will you be returning? As you know, I live in the Valley as well and we know each other personally. So I could stop by after you've returned. Just need to know your address in Northridge. You might also want to know my email and/or phone #.

    Best of luck with that,