13 May 2013

Matti Finds Inner Light and Love

Dear Edji,
What a strange obsession I had. Trying to find some ultimate method. Searching and searching. Hypnosis, self-help, psychology, self-remembering... 
This search wasn't something I did in addition to my normal life. My normal life was what I did in addition to my search. Not a single thing I tried was what I searched. Truth is, I didn't even know exactly what it was that I sought. There was hunger and need and dissatisfaction.
The most amazing thing is that I found something that satisfied my thirst. Love the sense of 'I am'. So simple. So amazing. So fitting.
I have read this advice several times on your blog. Then I tried it. It worked like nothing before. It is easy, simple, enjoyable and it gives me peace. I can just love the beingness and somehow that is enough. That is all I need.
I am happy. No matter what happens, I can be proud that I succeeded in my mission. It was worth it. All the hours and days and month, it was all worth it.
You helped. You were necessary. I couldn't have done it without you. You were essential. So thank you that you have done what you have done.
My internal vision used to be full of darkness. Now it is white light everywhere. There is huge "beingness" of white light. When I love it, it radiates through me. Loving it is enough, because accepting it fills me up. 
The key was loving the sense of 'I am' and behind the door was bright beingness.
I am content, because I just won the game. I found something that is enough. Every meditation and method has been full of effort. Nothing has ever been fulfilling. This is. I feel complete. 
It is done. It is finally done. The mystery has been solved, the quest finished and the payment received.
Sincerely yours,

Ed’s response:

Matti, you have come so very far over the past eight months.  Congratulations!

Things now will only get better and better.  You are entering an area of direct contact with your own root of Consciousness.  The more time there, the larger your vision and heart will grow, grown beyond anything that most humans can conceive of. And with it, increasing happiness, bliss, energies and light until you feel the root of the universe itself, not just of your own existence as a body/mind/presence, but of an infinite presence found within only by a few people.

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