10 May 2013

Letter to me from a long time student

I feel my connection to the divine daily, through your grace, and Robert, Ramana and Nisargadatta's. 

Yesterday a wall suddenly sang to me of all its molecules. Sometimes I almost disappear while walking down the sidewalk, into bliss. 

A lot of things happen in terms of sudden understandings of lessons taught by yourself and the other teachers in our lineage. 

I feel gratitude, humility, love, forgiveness, wonder, awe, wisdom, compasssion, humour, and sometimes see a grand pattern of causality that is completely impersonal. 

Sometimes the words "God, I surrender everything to you" just come out of my lips. I feel surrender and devotion welling up in me at times throughout the day, completely non-personal to "M" or who I am as a small self or even a self-aware individual. THanks Edji, Thanks. OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. OM JAI SRI KALI. Love, M.


  1. when i was reading that post on Fb it was giving me so much happiness!!! these experiences are really contagious !!!it was like suddenly i got wings and i could fly like a bird in the sky ! so much peace and ligthness... and great joy in the heart !
    we are really a big family , all gathered in Edj's love !
    so wonderfull to live that ....
    much love for every one

  2. yes Sylviane - suddenly I got wings too... I am growing lighter and lighter as all the named and unnamed fears that have held me in everlasting bondage - dissolve diminish and depart -
    Om Shanti -Om Shanti -