22 April 2013

Today I awoke and lay in bed for a half hour before I opened my eyes.

“Reality” just flowed.  It was as if I were fully awake, seeing, hearing, listening to everything, and reality “flowed.” Instead of solidity built of mind and concepts, the experiential world was not compartmentalized into seen, heard, felt, and imagined.  It was only one, not divided, and it flowed, slowly, gently, sensually. Some ecstatic energies coursed through my body, but mostly there was just a silence in my presence which flowed, peacefully and joyfully. I watched, separate, apart, the flowing of the seen, heard and felt, as well as the images within, all one, all at peace, nothing fixed or solid.

But mostly there was light, many lights. The walls became multicolored lights flowing in slow motion swirls, dancing, bending, twisting, like a bath of brilliant white paint with a dozen colored mixes thrown in, being stirred by an unseen rotation around an unknown center or gravity.  With such a world, how can it be grasped by mind? Only from the freed heart’s silence can it be known.

The energies, whether called Shakti, Kundalini, Chi, whatever name coursed through my sense of presence, mixing with the painted world’s motions, inseparable.  Only one, but many colors, many shades, one mystery.

How can I convey the beauty and serenity of such a world-flow?  In this world, nothing is fixed, intentionality itself becomes cause, and the colors change their tune and timing, swirling round and round, up and down in unending flow.

I dance with Shakti and she dances with me.  I am witness to the interplay of she and Self, and I am happy, so very happy, for I know what I am; I am the Self.

Then today my two beloved students both call, Rajiv and Deeya.  Deeya tomorrow will address hundreds of students and introduce them to Radical, Devotional Advaita through the medium of a class on healing.  She is taking hundreds towards Robert’s unfolding miracle, from traditional Advaita to devotional Advaita and garnering accolades from all over the world.

Then at noon today, my spiritual son, Rajiv, and I finally meet after three years, along with prodigal daughter Andrea.  Such love we shared, he and I and she.  I felt his power and saw for myself how he has progressed. We embraced and bid each other fond farewell.  Hopefully both will return soon to Los Angeles. And Andrea flowers as a film maker, singing the song of Shakti, the divine goddess in upcoming films. O blessed is the Lord.


  1. I'm very happy to hear that you meet your son and daughter.

    Today is Saint George day in Catalonia (Sant Jordi)

    Tradition is that we give roses to the ones you love, or a book or both things.

    Please accept my rose, dear Edji:


  2. Wonderful! Very nice. Can't wait to see any photos!
    Love, Matthew

  3. This is so amazing and beautiful! In sharing this intimate "Reality" with us, you inspire us to devote ourselves ever more attentively and deeply to our Path.

    Would you please say something more about how "intentionality itself becomes cause?"

    Love, Serena