05 April 2013

To me:

Hi Ed, I'm deeply grateful for your work and your writing. I have been following your satsangs and writing for a long time. 
Like you, I spent many years "prior to consciousness" dead to the world, with little or no interest in it. The past couple of years I've returned from this, (your writing definitely helped with this) returned to therapy and lots of other things and the sense of wholeness and well being on a human level has definitely increased.

I go through periods where I find myself getting quite entangled with the world again and reading your book recently I feel its helped to restore a balance in me. Without the deepest knowledge of the absolute its hard to meet all the ups and downs of life with an open heart, it just gets too messy and I feel the life and well-being drain out of me. Thank you for all you bring to my life, it's rare I feel such a connection to a teacher these days.
Love, D

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