16 April 2013

Relax the Mind: shut it down and feel your heart!

The keys to awakening are many, but when I try to give one or two, people argue with me.  So many who have not awakened want to teach me about awakening.  They read Nisargadatta or Siddharameshwar and feel they understand completely based on the pointers found there.  Then they know everything.

Some want to keep their minds until the end and argue that the words, ideas, and thinking, that you have, have no bearing on awakening, that the “Shakti” will awaken you in due course no matter what the mind does.

But until you become conceptless, until you become empty of pointers and certainty about ANYTHING, you really are not much closer to any true awakening.  But few believe this.  They insist on keeping the mind, reading books, listening to other teachers, following their own inclinations and strongly held beliefs.  They become closed to suggestions and lose their way because they follow the way the mind says is the way, and in doing so, do not lose the mind and gain the heart.

The way is to lose your mind, become conceptless, and operate from the heart.  Let go of everything you know.  Do not want to become a teacher explaining things to me or anyone else based on what you have read and what you have told yourself.

Then follow a path of love.  Find yourself and love sink into the I Am as deeply as possible.  Love it, welcome it, and with a mind filled with wonder, explore it every moment of the day.

And, if you can, love another.  Love another as deeply as humanly possible. Each day that you love leads to the next day when you can love even more deeply.  Loving is like a muscle, except that learning to love is like learning how to relax a tight muscle.  Each day you learn how to relax it a little more. Love your teacher.  Love your spouse or lover.  Love your cat or dog. Love, love, love until you become love itself.  You will be love, become love, radiate love like a million candlepower lovelight.

With the internalization of attending to the I Am, and the increasing loving gained from loving something outside oneself, the Self in you becomes aroused and one day will reveal itself to you.  Everything you do now, every bit of meditation, following the I Am, feeling the internal energies, worshiping god or the goddess, loving your cat---all aim at this day when the Self reveals itself to you, the little self, the sense of presence you have as a human being.

This will be the most important day of your life, when you realize who you are as a manifest being, as an embodiment of the divine.  Gradually you and the “other” become one, and the small sense of self which had been in communion with God, disappears and there is only one, united sense of presence.

At this point the mind hardly operates except to help others, or to help them see the truth of themselves, and the bliss will flow.  Love and bliss beyond comprehension will flow through your presence infusing the world and those around you.  Your fire will light their fire, and your love will blaze forth igniting a forest of similar souls.

Forget about the Absolute, what it is and what it means.  That will be revealed to you in due time.  Instead concentrate on your own sense of existence, your own love.  Concentrate on the energies found in the subtle body, love them and enlarge them.  But do not label them as Shakti, Kundalini, or Chi, because as soon as you do you have added a story onto them which will distort how you experience them, and ultimately will slow your self from realizing Self.

The idea of the Absolute, the idea of no separate self, the ideas of beingness, nowness, the idea of the unmanifest versus the manifest, of absolute and the relative-----all these ideas prevent the utter simplicity, the utter, untainted purity needed for Self-Realization.  You need to become empty of knowledge and conviction and just be filled with love and the unnamed energies.  You need to be like  baby in this sense, of just having an open wonderment to what is arising in you, a loving wonderment.

In other words, I cannot urge you enough to “Shut the fuck up and FEEL.”


  1. Great Post Ed, Reading and remembering this simply puts back on the path from the detour. I understood how the internalization of knowledge and loving everyone complement arousing the SELF within. Your final punch line summarizes everything and it is great pointer to shut the flickers and rest at I-AM.

  2. Hmmm... I have to leave a comment. But what can I say? How about "no comment"...?

  3. I Love You Edji! - This says it all... May we all get to the point where we can actually LIVE this way. Like this post, I can't express how much your "Dumb as a Rock" pointer has inspired and enlightened me. So insulting - so perfect.

  4. Edji.. your ask is too simple yet too much.. your words are like samurai sword cutting the crap inside me.. Let Go and Love.. oh my!!! its an invitation to death and resurrection!!! Let me say thankyou and i will shutup. THANKYOU!

  5. thanks, we always have to remind ourself this words.

  6. On Sunday I went walking in a park, and when I sat on a bench, I felt that I loved all the people I was looking at in this park! Each person I watched I loved it! and without making any effort, I felt our hearts simply connected. Things like that are happening after satsangs with Edj ...

  7. Ey Edji! You write too much too!! :)


    Just joking!

    Love this entry so I will shut the fuck up and FEEL

    Thank you!

  8. Edji.. your words are like samurai sword cutting through the crap inside me.. "lose the mind and love". Its like death and resurrection. May i have the devotion to shutup and feel. Many thanks Edji for this post.

  9. Edji, I do not understand. Is the mind not part of the self(consciousness/god/etc), as everything is? Its surely often full of nonsense which causes harm to yourself and others, but do I misunderstand you if you suggest you disdain it entirely? Surely you need it to operate in the world and to help others. Am I wrong? I need my mind to earn a living & support myself & the ones I love. How do I become dumb as a rock and still maintain my ability to function in the world? Why is the mind such a thing to be shunned? I surely understand(intellectually) that the false 'I' concept permeates deeply and causes many problems, and misunderstandings. But is the mind not more than that? Do I need 'I' to know that 2+2=4? That seems of the mind. Does that crumble when the 'I' concept collapses as well? I truly do not understand.

    All respect,

  10. Gene, what this means isyou have to let goof the mind as your primary way to operate in the world, and instead turn to love, which brings the attention into the feeling way. Once you "feel" your way into the world, the mind becomes the heart's lapdog.

    Also, for most there is a period when you become dysfunctional, can't think much, lose your memory, and just can't follow patterns, but basically minimal demands are met somehow.

    This path is not easy. It is not for the curious or the those without courage. It is a very demanding path, but yields remarkable results in a short period of time (Like 10 years instead of 30).

  11. I would like to share an experience i had some days ago: During sleep i suddenly felt totally weightless, without my heavy body, like floating in space, and i turned upside down, so that my head was down and it felt totally free and blissfull and consciously enjoyed it. Then i woke up and even in the waking state it went on until slowly my normal bodyconsciousness returned.

    Besides, i had a dream some weeks ago, where i entered a church, and it was filled with light and energy, and i felt very well there. Then there in front was a statue of Jesus, of bright light, he opened his arms in my direction and so did i, with much humility. And then rays of light came out of his heart towards me and i heard a voice: Come home into my fathers house!

  12. Yeah, that's what I was telling you all the time :-).